Sep 23 2013

Bill Says: Enough of the racism allegations, ILG!

bill_stephenson-150x150Once again the breakaway group of former Labour councillors in their press releases and speeches at the recent Council continue to casually throw out allegations of institutional racism against both the Labour Group and now the Council itself.

Can I say once again that both as both Leader of the Labour Group from 2008 – 2012 and Leader of the Council from 2010 – 2012 that I utterly reject these totally unsubstantiated allegations. Indeed on the contrary I can point to instances where I went out of my way personally to help, support and encourage the very people who are making these accusations. Up until I now I have felt bound by confidentiality considerations not to reveal more.

I am proud of the outstanding work done by and the commitment of the Labour Administration in promoting equalities and diversity. Early on in our Administration we set up the cutting edge Harrow Equalities Council, and we continue to work towards achieving the ‘Excellent’ level of the Equality Framework for Local Government (EFLG) having already achieved ‘Good’. In very challenging circumstances we have ensured that Harrow, one of the most ethnically diverse Local Authorities in the country, continues to build on its commitment to equality and diversity.

It is a sad state of affairs, when a group in Harrow can continue to make damaging accusations of institutional racism and after four months still cannot not provide a shred of evidence evidence to support them. They should “put up or shut up.”

Cllr Bill Stephenson

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