Dec 10 2013

Bill Says: It’s all a load of Susanfroth!

bill_stephensonDear Editor

In his letter (Taxpayer will have to foot the bill, Harrow Observer, November 30) Cllr Ferrari says he is little puzzled that Labour did ‘nothing about parking’ during the three years they were in control. Like Rip van Winkle he seems to have gone to sleep once again on his watch. In our election manifesto we flagged up our intention to look at parking including the possibility of some sort of free parking. True to our word we undertook a root and branch review of the Borough’s chaotic parking system. This led to us introducing Labour’s fair and consistent four tier parking system which has now been adopted by the Council. Research was undertaken on the introduction of possible free parking along with Harrow Card with visits to Bracknell and Hillingdon Councils. Arising from this proposed a properly budgeted and sustainable cross borough twenty minutes free on street parking scheme was proposed. Indeed I remember myself suggesting the idea of a pilot six months rather than three months in mind.

Unfortunately Cllr Hall has in her high handed way decided not to proceed with this.

I think residents will wonder why Cllr Ferrari has been trying to rewrite history. I suspect they may prefer our/Labour’s steady honest approach of getting things done rather than the self promoting Susanfroth which we have to put up with nowadays.
Bill Stephenson (Cllr) (Labour)
(Leader of the Council, 2010 -2012)

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    Can Harrow politicians get much lower? Leaving aside whatever political point is being argued, it is disgusting that a reference to an epileptic (and other medical conditions) symptom should be used as an insult.

    To describe any councillor as foaming at the mouth is not the most sensitive thing to do. I suggest a contribution to Epilepsy Research might be in order here.

    Councillors behave yourself because the electorate despair at your childish behaviour. I hope you learn respect and decency from the Marlborough school children that will be attending the Civic Centre whilst their school is rebuilt.

  2. sonoo malkani

    I have respected Cllr Bill Stephenson for a rather long time and am deeply saddened and shocked that he has jumped on the band-wagon of “slagging off “a fellow Councillor!That too,Leader of our very own Council.When will people realise–when we put another down,we put ourselves down!! It is disgraceful and totally unnecessary.Please let’s put a HALT to this right away.

    I am sure I am not alone in feeling strongly that lessons in ETIQUETTE seem to be in URGENTLY order for all serving and aspiring Councillors.This is simply appalling abuse hurled at a colleague.There simply is no excuse for such bad-mouthing and hateful insults.We should have our temper-tantrums in private.

    Sadly,Bill Stepehenson has lost credibility by speaking out of character.RESPECT seems to have gone out of the window!Words of the kind used by this experienced,elder statesman have only diminished his own image ,which, for the best part of his life has been that of a pleasant and kind gentleman.

    It seems people have forgotten the SPIRIT OF GOODWILL.They desperately need learn from great people,like Nelson Mandela,about the power of kindness,compassion,love for your fellow man —-turning your worst enemies into friends.We are our worst enemies when we practice hate.Mahatma Gandhi poignantly stated”An eye for and eye will only make the whole world blind”.Wake up,Harrow!!

    Every single one of us must rise above negative traits such as pettiness,nastiness,selfishness,cleanse our minds of hatred and replace these with positive traits promoting a spirit of camarderie and compassion which will bring rich dividends for all.God bless.


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