Oct 18 2013

Bill Says: Park Locking Row Still Rumbling On…

bill_stephenson-150x150Mr Ferrari’s letter (‘We will ensure that parks are locked’, Harrow Observer, Oct 10) is as usual full of holes and factually incorrect in most respects.

Firstly Mr Ferrari my letter to which you refer was solely about Harrow Recreation Ground and by taking it out of context you have tried to mislead readers into believing my remarks were of a more general nature. They were not and I totally stand by them as they refer to Harrow Recreation Ground.

Mr Ferrari you state that when the Tories were last in control they rejected the idea of not locking the parks. Not so I am afraid. In fact the first thing the Tories did on coming to power in May 2010 was to propose not locking any park gates! However after a Labour led call-in the Tories quietly withdrew their proposal. Come on Mr Ferrari!

When this matter came up once again I suggested that the park locking service was brought in-house. This was done and guess what? We saved money and immensely improved the service. A lesson there for you Mr Ferrari.

We only lock 30 percent of our parks. And yes I did and still believe it was reasonable that we should look at each park on its merits to see if this was still justified. For example, we were told of one park which has only one of its gates shut while all the others remain unlocked.

The budget proposal made in February on not locking the parks was subject to consultation and so that each park was to be looked at on its merits. However, it was made very, very clear that any saving forgone would have to be matched by a saving elsewhere. It is notable that this has not been the case with the Tories nor with the short-lived breakaway ‘administration’, who in addition have already managed to overspend the budget by two million pounds. Mr Ferrari, you have not explained why you and your colleagues supported and stood idly by while this happened?

Oh dear Mr Ferrari! People will quite rightly wonder if this is the same Mr Ferrari who is now supposed to be in charge of the Council’s finances. I am afraid it is.

Bill Stephenson (Cllr)

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  1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    You appear to have rattled his cage, Mr Ferrari!

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