Sep 26 2012

Bill, Where Are You?

Back in November 2011, Bill Stephenson, Leader of Harrow Council, launched his Leader’s Blog. Whether this was an attempt to jump on the bandwagon where the world and his dog post about what they’re having for breakfast, or an opportunity to keep residents “…up to date with what is happening at Harrow Council” isn’t that clear.

But back to his first blog post:

Welcome to my first ever Leader’s Blog, a new way of keeping you up to date with what is happening at Harrow Council. Through this page I will share with you some of the highlights of my role as Leader, talk about the important issues in Harrow today, and also showcase the work of the Council, its partners and the wider community.

The last time he updated it was June 1, 2012 – which by the magic of timeanddate.com tells us it was 117 days ago. Has nothing happened at Harrow Council since then? Are there no important issues worth mentioning? Does the Council have nothing to showcase?

One might wonder: if the Leader can’t find time to update his blog now and again, how has he got the time to run Harrow Council?

Final thought: In his last blog, he said “We are not complacent and want to get even better. Let us have your views on how we can do this.” Suggestions to Bill, here.


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