Aug 24 2013

Bill Writes: Chaos at the Council

bill_stephensonCllr Bill Stephenson put pen to paper again today, to point out a number of problems with consultations at the council. Indeed, we picked up one one of these ourselves already. He writes:

Many people have commented on the chaos at the last Planning Committee meeting. It is indicative of the way the Council is currently being run, particularly, as far as consultation is concerned.

  1. Major changes are being introduced in the Leisure Centre but seemingly without formally consulting users or local residents.
  2. In the middle of the consultation on the proposals to no longer lock parks the Portfolio Holder announces his decision to have a three month pilot. Some consultation! Like the trial in Alice in Wonderland.
  3. The consultation on the new parking scheme should be declared null and void. The main consultation paper directed residents to send their comments to a non-existent web site for two thirds of the consultation period. When this was pointed out to the Council they refused to extend the consultation saying that there had been sufficient consultation! No apology was forthcoming.

What a shambles. The word ‘brewery’ springs to mind when one sees how the Council is being run at the moment.

Bill Stephenson (Cllr)

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  1. Stephen Lewis

    The words pot and kettle come to mind. Cllr Stephenson should look at his own record .I cannot believe he has the cheek to write this article.

  2. j p hobbs

    HHHmmm Planning that’s a good one several years ago myself and neighbours fought a developers plans for five substantial houses at the end of our pretty quiet cul de sac Lorraine Park , we held this up for about eight years,,, of course the developer finally got his way as one does in Harrow . These houses were built with totally inadequate parking and I don’t believe any were built to spec , shortly after the houses were sold a lady in one of these turned her Garage into a hair and nail parlour we complained to the council they sent an investigator round she refused him entry told him to come back the following week on a Tuesday the one day she didn’t open , we saw the equipment being moved out that week , the investigator found no evidence of this business case closed , the business picked up quickly and caused absolute havoc in our quiet small street with pavements being broken by the big four wheel drives driving and parking on them , many blocked our drives and also some drivers threw down rubbish as they got out , I found large clear adverts on this business on the internet giving instructions how to get right up to the door and details of the workers and management , I got in touch with councillor Hall on this matter she came round and said well that should be be easy to stop , I gave her two copies of the adds she said I will phone as a potential customer and sort it , I never heard another word from councillor Hall , I have recently found out the woman who runs this business has applied for and has been given permission for two more customers in her adapted kitchen and I believe this was granted without any neighbours being informed , if that’s how planning works in Harrow God help us . I also wonder about heath and safety and business rates . without prejudice j p hobbs ,
    Planning shmanning bha

  3. j p hobbs

    I have found out that Cllr Hall tried to look into this matter but came up against Harrows most famous building the HARROW COUNCIL STONE WALL many Harrow people have come up against this formidable force and died before getting anywhere ,
    I certainly have but fortunately i have nine lives , it just happened that I wasn’t informed of the outcome of all that went on….nothing!!!! I will accept that Cllr Hall did her best , the reason I picked Cllr Hall out is she is not known for giving up as easily as a lot of the other bunch of rascals , so I would like to apologise to Cllr Hall , j p hobbs without prejudice .

  4. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    There was no chaos at the last Planning Committee meeting and Bill, you weren’t there anyway! Also how does this tie in with the email you allegedly sent round the Labour group saying “Leave them (the ILG) alone-they’re doing a good job!” And apart from re-adjusting PRISM and reversing the dog waste bins, we’re enacting all of your Labour group’s policies! I think the world of you Bill and I like you loads but sumtimes you can be such a muppet!

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