Aug 25 2013

Bin Collections for August Bank Holiday Week

waste_dump2As is usual when there’s a Bank Holiday Monday, bin collections in Harrow will be running a day later than normal. Harrow Council is advising residents to put their usual bins out, just a day later than usual. The last collection this week will be on Saturday 31 August 2013.

Alternatively, you could always visit the Waste and Recycling Centre in Forward Drive and drop of any surplus rubbish from the traditional Bank Holiday DIY sessions that seem to take place across the country on every Bank Holiday. I took the remains of a bathroom (tiles, sink, bath – cut into pieces, bits of wood and other DIY debris to the dump this week and found it fairly quiet. For a change, I was asked for proof of residency in Harrow, after the member of staff decided I look like a builder! He explained, quite nicely, that as neighbouring boroughs are now charging, that he just wanted to make sure I lived in Harrow. Not being in the habit of carrying a driving licence – or anything with an address on, especially when I’m get covered in dust – I said that I didn’t have it with me, and he was absolutely fine to see it on a subsequent visit.

The whole conversation was nicely handled – it would have been so easy for him to have come across as aggressive and confrontational, but it seems Harrow have taken a sensible approach to waste in the borough: having seen the countless number of flytips around Harrow, it looks like they’ve decided to take a laid-back approach, figuring that encouraging residents to dump their waste sensibly is far better than picking it up in some back alley later on.

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 8:30am – 4:30pm Closed: Christmas Day and Boxing Day


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