Mar 14 2014

Bin Strike in Harrow? The Union’s View…

unison_logoUNISON Harrow have provided the following statement in response to today’s news that there could be a strike amongst Refuse Collectors in the borough:

Unison has not requested £18,000 back pay this was only an illustrated figure, the council has failed to consult with our members in this area. The role for the job(refuse collection) has not been formally evaluated for ten years and is not reflective of the duties and responsibilities they are required to undertake. The role profiles have been amended covertly and outside of any Union involvement which is the process the council uses i.e. both Unions and HR. our members have been instructed to consult outside of their working day(before they start work or after they have finished their shift) unlike all other employees in the directorate or the council. It appears Cllr Hall has been provided with inaccurate information which is clearly evident from the press release.

Our members are appalled at the poor treatment they have received over the protracted two years this has now taken. Unison has on numerous occasions requested that the employer consults, sadly they have ignored our constant requests. I am not interested in politics but the interests of Unison members regarding their terms and conditions, which are not £29,000 per annum but a figure that requires them to obtain working tax credits and other government hand-outs to survive(workplace poverty). The council signed a collective agreement on terms and conditions yet fail to implement one vital section to mitigate the impact of the hardest hit by the introduction of this agreement. Our members were and still are highly hit by this agreement yet the employer failed to factor this in to their consultation.

Unison has always been committed to negotiations sadly the same ethos does not apply within the management of this directorate.

No doubt there’s more to come on this over the next week or so…


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  1. John Clement

    Bin collection is a politically correct nightmare. I have to use (not by choice) communal bins which are often full because all my neighbours have 27 children and never ever go out 24/7. so the waste removal management consultants (formerly bin men) refuse to touch loose bags due to elf & safety. Thus the resulting plague of rats, mice & insects are of course not an elf & safety issue.

  2. Harrow Dude

    So it seems Susie has got her facts and figures wrong which comes as a surprise from Harrow’s capo dei capi. Who would have the balls to deliberately mislead the Leader of the council or is it just more ‘Susie spin’ only time will tell. I presume that with the current economic climate workers (council or otherwise) do not take the decision to strike lightly, so I have to ask what is going on at Harrow Council?

  3. j p hobbs

    Lets not forget there is an election coming up and all the odd bods want Susan to fail , but what have they all done between elections , bugger all , now suddenly we are getting newsletters from people we havnt heard from other than before the last election , i have noticed things happening in Harrow weald since the Lady took over , quite significant changes . , and this is not a ploy to get rid of the stealth camera at Harrow & Wealdstone Station , yes i still believe its against the laws on these cameras .

    1. Harrow Dude

      jp. Of course you have noticed things happening in Harrow. Susie wants what Susie wants and that is to be the first elected leader of Harrow council at any cost. One thing you would have noticed is a plenteous amount of staff on the streets This increase was necessary because to achieve the clean up we have all witnessed meant supplementing the hugely depleted staff numbers available to keep our borough clean (if I remember correctly Harrow council are still intent on reducing this staffing group) So you have to ask…

      A) How much has this cost?
      B) Is it sustainable?
      C) Where did Susie find the money?
      D) What happens after the election when the garnered funds have been eroded?

      As I have said before robbing Peter to pay Paul Is just false economy but sadly I suspect that this is exactly what has happened.

      For the record jp I just want straightforward trustworthy Councillors who are not in the game for the glory but for doing it for benefit of the residents of Harrow who have democratically elected them. The three-ring circus we have had to endure makes Harrow a political joke amongst its peers.

      1. Harrow Dude

        Awaiting moderation for two days…

  4. j p hobbs

    Yes my friend but what matters is whats happening now , we must stop going back , its like asking for compensation for the Mau Mau and slavery , I am sure your family ,,,, and I know mine never gained from this or would have tolerated it , I am only saying what I see and there is a great improvement , thank you Susan I had lost faith with your party that I have supported all my life , . PS my dad was labour and fought several major battles of WW11 , before he died he said he wouldn’t have bothered if he had seen how things are going in the UK , Sad init ?

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