Oct 11 2015

“Bin Tax Won’t Increase Fly-Tipping” says Harrow Council. “Uh, second thoughts…” it says.

harrow_council_logoQuote from Harrow Council’s website, promoting the new £75 Bin Tax in the borough:

“We’ve looked at this issue [charging £75/year for brown bin collection] carefully and don’t expect the changes to lead to an increase in fly-tipping…”

Quote from Harrow Council’s latest e-newsletter to residents:

“Since 2011, Harrow has seen the amount of fly-tip incidents reported go up by five percent, but the amount of waste illegally dumped has reduced by 154 tonnes a year. We are now seeing more small bags of rubbish being thrown on the streets.”

Meanwhile, the Conservative Group’s petition is at around 5,500 signatures (just counting online, no doubt they’ve been braving the streets of Hatch End with paper copies) so far. You can sign that here.


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  1. Someonewhocares

    Good to see fly-tipping is down by 154 tonnes but from what exactly? Yes, fly-tipping WILL inevitably increase c/o the Brown Bins Fiasco, and as already noticed this will tend to be a multitude of smaller bags. So Harrow Council wants to be top of the re-cycling league now? This is probably commendable but there are more important issues in the Borough but overall I wonder if they will factor into this ‘league position’ all the extra crew time and cost clearing up due to these increased fly tips?

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