Apr 17 2015

Bins Overflowing, Parks Scruffy. Nice Job, Dave

harrow_council_logoHere’s just one of many (eleven, to be exact)  pictures sent in this week from Roxeth Recreation ground in South Harrow, showing the state of the park now that the park-keeper has been removed. Not sure why this particular park attracts so much email – maybe word is getting around on the impact that Dave’s idiotic cost-cuttings are having right across the borough.

In the local press, residents are echoing the same concerns in other parks – and it’s clear to see why. After all, it’s not just kebab wrappers, it’s now bags of dog crap in the bin. And many parents are simply not going to let their kids go anywhere near the bins looking like this: littering is the only safe and hygienic answer to Dave’s mess. Would you push your empty fish ‘n’ chip wrapper into a bin looking like this?

17040215_overflowing_binNice one Dave.


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  1. Jon Keyes

    The situation is the same in pinner memorial park, all bins overflowing within a day if being emptied, litter everywhere – the council have made a huge mistake here!
    You can view the situation at pinner here:


    We know its the same in West Harrow, harrow fields and probably elsewhere too

  2. Susan Hall

    Paul, my e mail box is full of similar pictures and complaints from around the borough. Its not the fault of the front line staff, they are doing their very best. The blame for this is at Part time Perry’s door. We warned the Labour Leader that these cuts to the environment department would cause our borough to become filthy with the parks going into decline, he would not listen neither would his Labour Colleagues. Please all of you reading this, e mail and complain to him. I accept that he rarely answers e mails himself but at least his office might let him know (when he is in) that you are all fed up with this filth!

  3. mike mcfadden

    It does make me laugh you think a Labour council will listen, by all means try but labour are a party of liars and deniers. So nothing will change from them. Not to mention the filth that has been encouraged into the borough to live off benefits housing and many of the 81 different hand out’s once on offer from those that wanted to turn Harrow into a socialist state within a state at the same time they wanted to destroy home ownership throughout the borough. The only way to reverse Labours socialist dogma is to get Mrs Hall back in office.

    The only way to get drinking alcohol, spitting, rubbish dumping, urinating and in some cases defaecating on our street is to send a “very” clear message it will not be tolerated in Harrow nor on English streets. If those that come here cannot or will not accept our way of life or our culture it must be made clear they are not wanted here!! its simple not “rocket science” only the Loony-Left has made it that way with their “isms” and dishonest approach to dealing with problems. Ave a nice day!

    1. richard ramirez

      yeah mike one day like never that will happen susan hall isnt interested in harrow boro contrary to what you believe i worked on the streets while (susie was at the helm) and believe me there was urine and defecation aplenty i tried to expose BAD goings on at the council naively believing i would be kept anonymous well that didn’t happen and i got the sack so dont go preaching the god like infallibility of hall its a myth and delusional its the like of common purpose and agenda 21 that socially engineer the problem then people like you react and scream for an answer hegelian dialectic mike ok and what you will get is the boot stamping in the face of humanity forever i hope you enjoy the taste of leather you ordered it

  4. mike mcfadden

    Richard, I think you’re being a bit harsh on Mrs Hall after all it was her that got the £75 fine for littering and spitting out there. In only that short window of time that she had. I appreciate a lot more needs to be done about beds in sheds the HMO and run-away costs to tax-payers in the borough because many of the Loony-Left supporters don’t pay towards the true costs of their demands. The something for nothing culture promoted under Labour. Which in effect is pricing home owner/occupiers out as they promote the socialist utopia that history tells us is a lie and will fail with devastating consequences.

    However, nothing will happen under the liars and deniers except lots of the same because “subterfuge” is the English haters most deadly weapon. Ave a nice day. Mike

    1. mike mcfadden

      Sorry to see my last comment as not been allowed. However, As society drifts from the truth so they will hate those that speak it!! “George Orwell” The nightmare as begun!!!!!

  5. sonoo malkani

    If this is allowed to continue much longer,be sure we will have disease spread and the health of our citizens will be affected badly.High time this was addressed by those in charge at Harrow Council.Absolutely disgusting and intolerable!

  6. mike mcfadden

    Is it any wonder TB Tuberculosis is back with avengeance in London with mass unfettered immigration on an unprecedented scale? Those that arrived here told to carry on the way they live because we are “Multicultural” What nonsense.!! When I was a kid TB was wiped out in the U.K and nobody would spit on the pavement. Only the other day I was out side the doctors surgery when a man obviously without English values “spat” right outside the door. I said was that really necessary and he look at me like I was from a different planet and there was nothing wrong in what he did. So to teach these people to respect our way of life our values is going to start from a very low level.!! However, it can be done but those arriving here MUST be told to respect our way of life and our values including hygiene and that our streets are not urinals or a place to defecate nor drink alcohol.

    However, this brings me back to Harrow’s mismanagement under Nu-Labour of our borough and respect for our values and way of life, constantly playing the race card to cover their misguided bodged concept with things like HMO’s, beds in sheds, allowing and housing failed asylum seeker and diversity training straight out of Chairman Mao’s little red book. Further, they make NO attempt to find those that are here illegally. It seems they just dish out other peoples money like it grows on tree’s. Pushing-up our council tax that has a detrimental effect on business, jobs and housing etc.

  7. mike mcfadden

    Sorry about that rant at this time of the morning much that I had gone over before but to see this once crisp clean low tax borough turn in to a high tax slum because of bad governance is heartbreaking for us that have been here for many years. Just remember to use your vote in a few days time.

  8. sonoo malkani

    I have lived in Harrow since 1972 and find it so hard to watch this once clean,green and well-looked after borough being neglected by those in charge.To add insult to injury,we are paying EXTRA rates and are watching the situation degenerate with detrimental practices being waged on what was once a beautiful,leafy green suburb.

    We must stop the rot before it goes any further.I hope our citizens will express their disappointment and anger at the ballot box next month,sounding a warning bell for those who simply don’t care what the residents feel and carry on regardless.We are all aware how our borough is additionally being stripped of its libraries,Parks being neglected and all sorts of unfair charges being slapped on by our Council on the poor members of public who have no choice but to cough up!

    Use your vote very carefully and let them know HOW we are hurting!

  9. MysticMeg

    And what exactly is our beloved CEO doing? All these savings must be made to help Harrow right? His big fat pay cheque is being met by our taxes and he and Dave have not the faintest idea about we the residents are having to put up with. Don’t even get me started on their inadequate responses to anti-social behaviour and noise pollution. In short, they couldn’t give a monkey’s! I will use my vote at the general election wisely, However, this will not help me at a local level. We are stuck with this shower until Harrow residents see sense and kick this lot out!

  10. Concerned Harrovian

    If the residential streets are only being being swept every eight weeks there must be brooms/litter picks in the council storage that are not being used. Perhaps these should be donated to leader Dave and the CEO so they can show residents their street cleaning skills or lack of them.

    1. Mystic Meg

      Concerned Harrovian – we can barely get these two to turn up to work everyday let alone clean our streets,. I would be happy if they just did the job they are paid to do and sort out this Borough and rid us of the constant filthy rubbish strewn streets, and mass social housing on every possible site in Harrow. The people of Harrow voted for this Council so we have to swallow it until the next elections. Until then, we can only voice our opinions to each other via this site. Trust me, Harrow Council do not care about our opinions.

  11. sonoo malkani

    Mystic Meg.your last sentence is spot on,Nobody in Harrow Council is the least bit bothered about our feelings.They are smugly doing whatever pleases them, knowing full well that we cannot get rid of them for another three years.

  12. Someonewhocares

    Ah yes, the expected ‘use your vote wisely on May 7th’ cries: ‘Let them know how we feel’ and so on. Well it really won’t make any difference to Harrow either way, faced with those £20m/year imposed by CENTRAL Government Eric Pickles (Con.) and the DCLG – as mentioned elsewhere on this blog. With such DCLG cuts surely it is only going to get WORSE, regardless? Far too many ‘politicians’ actually think we vote them in to use THEIR own judgement once in office rather than actually listen to us. Remember when all these folks were called ‘Civil Servants’?

    And Guess What? Virtually ALL the larger conurbations in the UK have similarly degraded over the last 10 years and become ‘scruffy’. How many of us pick up litter outside our own houses and shops though anyway? Why this has happened is also another story of course.

    1. mike mcfadden

      How can you say May 7th won’t make any difference!! It will send a clear message to local government to be more responsive and if any one but Labour get in they will be on the lookout for the Lutfur Rahman’s of this world. Labour would just turn a blind eye and allow dishonesty corruption and child rapists to continue by hiding under the Politically Correct nonsense or the use of subterfuge in general. Not to mention HMO,Beds in sheds which in my view are one of the main contributors of waste thrown out on our streets but Labour do nothing.
      Further, all those found to be dishonest or lying in local public office should be prosecuted under misfeasance in public office that has an open indeterminate sentence. Which could mean life in prison. Now that should keep them on their toes. Anyone out there feathering their own nest in public office should look clearly at the findings of yesterdays Rahman’s court case. The worm is turning and I see light at the end of the tunnel. At last!!!!!

      We want our democracy back. “yeah”

      Ave a nice day Mike

      1. Someonewhocares

        Thanks for the lengthy rant Mike but all I was saying is don’t waste your vote May 7th, as a ‘protest vote’!

        Voting EITHER way is NOT going to mean our parks will somehow then be any less scruffy

        1. mike mcfadden

          Democracy left to its own devices has an uncanny way of getting things right or nearly right. Just like the market system. I wonder if that’s why Blair and his cronies hates it so much?

  13. Someonewhocares

    – And it all seems like a load of rubbish to me:


  14. F.D.Billson

    Mike Mcfadden is completely right in his views, whilst the Labour run council is in control Harrrow will continue to sink into the gutter.


  15. PraxisReform

    With children potentially no longer allowed to use the parks due to the piles of uncollected detritus illustrated in the article, the council will have an excuse to close them down, along with the rest of the libraries etc. in the borough.

    Eventually, we’ll all just be paying Council tax to support an organization that doesn’t empty bins, maintain parks or leisure facilities, and exists merely to generate work for it’s own employees and issue penalties to residents.

    Perhaps those planning to express their discontent through the democratic process might keep in mind the potential for a blank ballot:

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