May 07 2014

Cllr Sue Anderson (Labour, Greenhill) Writes…

cllr_sue_andersonGuest post from Cllr Sue Anderson (Labour, Greenhill)…

Been meaning to get back to blogging for months, finally found time as this morning’s meeting about implementing the Autism Act in Harrow was cancelled..

Of course election fever is sweeping Harrow, I can tell this because I forgot to put the frost net on the camellia three nights running, my son had to go out on Sunday evening to buy cat food and I didn’t have dinner until 10.30 last night.

Candidates of all parties (and none) are now knocking on people’s doors, dropping off leaflets and generally trying to make their mark. As a councillor I spend a lot of time talking to people in my ward anyway, but obviously this increases considerably closer to the election, as there are very few council meetings to go to. Generally I’ve found that the reaction on the doorstep in Greenhill has been very positive, although I was rather disconcerted the other day when I asked someone if she had any issues and she burst into tears (mind you after I heard her story I had to get a hankie out myself).

While the most common issues that come up are the state of the roads and pavements and fly tipping, the most serious problems I find myself dealing with relate to the cost of living, the quality and availability of housing and school places. These are issues the Labour Party locally will continue to address whatever the outcome of the election.

Because my ward has a really high turnover of residents there are I always have plenty of new people to talk to although unfortunately the conversation often goes like this:

“Hello I’m Councillor Sue Anderson, I’m calling from the local Labour Party am I speaking to Mr X..

“Oh, he’s moved”…

I was really pleased to see that the campaign group 38 Degrees were running a national electoral registration campaign nationally last weekend since in a ward like mine where people move in and out all the time it’s a real challenge to ensure people are registered to vote and even more of a challenge to make sure they feel that it’s worth using their vote.

One meeting which did go ahead this week was an extraordinary meeting of the council to grant the Freedom of the Borough to the Girls Brigade North West London District and the 1454 (Harrow) Squadron Air Training Corps for the good work they have done in the Borough over the years. These organisations are now joining august company such as the first four minute miler Roger Bannister and Nobel Prize winning scientist Sir Paul Nurse. It seems to me an excellent way of honouring the endeavours of the unsung heroes and heroines of our borough

After hard work all week it was a relief to go on to a Stand Up for Labour fundraiser at Trinity Bar, where we were able to get together and have a laugh – keeping your sense of humour is really important (and really difficult) when elections are on the horizon .


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  1. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    Like you dealt with the rubbish between two houses in Hindes Road? – NOT!! How do I know? Because you got talking to my best mate’s ex, who told me all about how you rambles on about how wonderful you and the Labour Party are, and that you’d get the rubbish shifted…except that that was MONTHS ago and, surprise surprise, the rubbish remained! By sheer fluke, 24 hours after this resident told me about it, the garbage got removed but don’t worry Sue, I’m an honest politician and I told her it wasn’t me. In fact I went further and told her that the Council won’t remove garbage from private land – which is more than you did! Nevertheless she was so impressed with me and so unimpressed with you that, although she doesn’t vote, this time she’s told me she’s voting ILG. READ IT & WEEP, LOL!!

  2. ricky123

    A lot of people who don’t normally vote are voting ILG this time so I hear.

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