Jun 26 2014

Bloody Hell Dave! Sort Out Your Website!

harrow_council_logoYet again, Harrow Council is having problems with it’s website.

It seems that barely a week goes past without something breaking on it, and today, it’s the turn on the online forms – these are the bits cobbled together in an attempt to persuade or encourage residents to interact with the council online, rather than face to face. A noble idea, if only it worked.

Readers will recall that it was the Labour administration, who outsourced and de-skilled Harrow’s IT department; now with Cllr Dave Perry at the helm part-time, things seem to be lurching from broken to, uhm, still broken. This means that residents are unable to pay parking fines, amongst other things,

Here’s what you’ll see today on www.harrow.gov.uk, and, further down, the error message you’ll get if you try to pay a parking fine.



Dave: time to quit your day job, and start earning the the £31,000 you get for running the Council.

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  1. Honest and Open

    What a joke!

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