Dec 30 2013

Bloody Hell, Hall. Now’s the Queen’s Gone Purple!

susan_hall_2Had you been reading the Daily Mail recently, you might have thought that Council Leader Susan Hall had traded in her nippy Fiat 500 for a Bentley.

Alas not. What you might have actually spotted was, in fact, the Queen, who seems to have jumped onto Cllr Hall’s bandwagon and started sporting what the Mail refers to as a “vivid shade of purple” when she arrived at church.

Hall has been spotted in just about every mainstream newspaper and TV channel over the last week commenting upon the expected migration of Romanians and Bulgarians once the UK relaxes the border controls in January, and, having worked her charms on the Express, was subsequently described as “…a beacon of good sense…”

hall_vs_queenWe were wrong about one thing though… Sheriff Hall did find time to put up a Christmas tree and hang some cards up  this year!


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  1. John Clement

    For a clue listen to the pronouncements of the Romanian & Bulgarian governments. I would have thought they would discourage hard working and conscientious citizens from leaving. The reality is that they are desperate to dump their most obnoxious & unwanted dross onto the UK. Harrow is particularly vulnerable -expect encampments on parks & social ground, massive increase in shoplifting, burglary & begging. Of course the rich establishment who own society will be happy with slave level wages in their business and wont be affected in there huge detached housres in the middle class green belt areas like leafy Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, & the home counties. I say let everyone one in who has a meaningful skill and wants a job and will pay taxes, but exclude everyone else.

  2. j p hobbs

    Yes John their huge detatched houses with high tech alarms and high fences , next they will be buying gaurd dogs , . Many of the immigrants that have come here in recent years have been millitary trained because of their Wars , fired because of their hatred for each other , it will break out here for sure , about two years ago many Antique centres in east and west Sussex were robbed by a miltary style gang with automatic guns they first went to the local police station and punctured the police vehicles before ramraiding the shops and silver vaults armed to the teeth not much was mentioned in the press . DO WE WANT THIS ???

  3. j p hobbs

    One of the daily papers is showing interest in my comments on the Harrow and Wealdstone Station Stealth camera , i think our council will have to start looking at a new way to steal from us , i will also mention the L50 Pcn that steals about 1,3 million ever year so we may even find out what and where that hides .. i feel more may be following Michael Whatisname the COE out of the door , we can present them all with cameras to take with them . Thieving Magpies ..

  4. sonoo malkani

    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the Royal family have been wearing the regal colour purple as long back as one can remember!She always looks stunning and makes us feel so proud.

    Lovely to see the sweet cuddly looking dog that Cllr Hall is holding so fondly by her Christmas tree.Possibly her own pet!Makes for a happy picture.

    Cllr Hall has certainly been extremely busy making the rounds and speaking on behalf of Harrow about the impact of Romanians and Bulgarians arriving in our borough.At least she has had the guts to fearlessly voice what many Harrovians are concerned about instead of making “politically correct “noises.We must have the courage of our convictions and clearly spell out what concerns us deeply.No point pussy-footing around!Nobody means to be nasty or hurtful as some may wish to mis-represent.

    None of us wish to pre-judge any legitimate immigrants.In fact,Harrow is well-known for welcoming new-comers and helping them feel part and parcel of the local family.We are,generally speaking,a hospitable,friendly bunch and kind-hearted too!

    All the same,it’s only prudent and practical to ask pertinent questions—however uncomfortable or unpopular in some quarters—simply so that we may plan effectively.We have no desire to create internal problems within our own hugely diverse community.Is that such a crime?Some of the comments make you wonder which planet some folk are living on!

    One thing for certain.Harrovians WELCOME HARD-WORKING,GENUINE IMMIGRANTS and will follow the tradition of helping them integrate.However,as sure as eggs are eggs Harrovians will not tolerate ANY FORM OF CRIMINAL ACTIVITY from ANY individual.


    We are watching our borough like hawks and will do whatever it takes to keep it out of harm’s way.This is not just the job of the local Police or Local Authority but the responsibIlity of every single one of us who wishes to live and work in a safe and sound environment.

    One sincerely hopes that our Prime Minister will take into account the impact of these latest arrivals and will help us with much needed additional funding and resources to help ease the tension.

    May 2014 bring Peace, Prosperity and Happiness to our much -loved borough..

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