Aug 04 2017

Booted? Harrow ex-Labour Councillor Amadi Goes Rogue

Disgraced ex-Labour Councillor, Chika Amadi who was suspended for calling Pride marchers paedophiles shows not a jot of remorse as she announces that she’s “no longer suspended” and is now an independant councillor, according to a Tweet earlier today:

Booted? Or resigned from the Labour party? We’ll never know.

It’s entirely possible that this is only the start, and that someone has already submitted a complaint to standards about her behaviour, so although we’ll hear nothing publicly – standards complaints are heard by a panel of other councillors, and have little-to-no-effect – she’ll probably get a knuckle-rapping, nothing more, for the outrageous slurs against pride marchers – not all of whom, we’d wager, are gay (not that it matters).

Residents in Edgware might wish to make their feelings known: having voted for a Labour councilor, they’re now being short-changed by a toxic independant. A resignation would be the cleanest way to get this brushed under the carpet…

Cllr Amadi has been contacted for comment – clearly she prefers to continue to spout drivel on Twitter as opposed to offering her side of the story and an explanation. Exemplary behaviour, councillor. Meanwhile, we await the results of leader Cllr Sachin Shah’s investigation.

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    For a lady who consistently paints herself as holier than thou she does not take a moral route. She was voted in as a Labour candidate in Edgware ward. By changing to an Independent she is cheating the voters She ought to resign as a Labour candidate and stand again for election as an Independent councillor.

    This deluded lady claims to know the mind of God. Indeed she has a direct line to him where she gives instructions to God as if he were her personal, anthropomorphic, robot, servant doling out revenge to those with whom she disagrees. During this conversation with God she even suggests the methods of annihilation (i.e. let vultures tear them apart or give them perpetual sleep). If this were to be carried out it could be she is suggesting genocide for groups she disagrees with.

    Cllr Amadi as a councillor is involved in decisions and policy. She is also a pastor. Do the members of her congregation follow her teachings? It also mentions on the Harrow website she is involved with Relate and the Children’s Centre. If this information is correct it is alarming.

  2. Peter Hamill

    She should be booted out of the Labour Party and obliged to stand down as a councillor.

  3. Sonoo Malkani

    Harrow Times front cover this week shows Pastors George & Chika Amadi presenting the Jesus Festival 2017 with the theme “March for Faith”daily 630pm from 9 to 13 August and 10 am Sundays.Venue Sudbury Hall,Sudbury Primary School,Wembley.

    Cllr Amadi is blatantly unrepentant.Now an INDEPENDENT.Left Labour to get shot of her suspension.Politician who knows how to play her hand but the public who elected her gets short-changed.All this from a serving Pastor!God help us all.

  4. mike mcfadden

    I may not agree with what you said but I’ll defend your right to say it.!!! Our freedoms are disappearing fast due to people arriving here and being offended by our culture, our humour our sense of fun our food the fact we drink alcohol. Don’t you think if they get so offended at our way of life they should think again about coming here?

    Being offended by others does not make you right!! O.K.

    I went to a Harrow hate crime meeting to see what it was all about. Only about 2 white English people there but they were trying to ban our nursery rhymes. Kids nursery rhymes that have been here for generations. The real danger is, before long we will not have enough words left to correctly express ourselves.
    We will have to rely on NEWSPEAK a government official language that will not allow freedom of express.
    We already have the THOUGHT POLICE and what seems like THOUGHT CRIME.

    SEX CRIME, if sex is used for pleasure, the only reason to procreate is for the party? That’s why FGM is so prevalent and our police do nothing these days.


    Wake-up folks its all becoming so very real in our once green and pleasant land. Our politicians have lost the plot.

    Ha ha ha Don’t get too scared folks its not over until the fat-lady sings. “innit mate”

    Ave a nice day. Someone that will not hide. Mike McFadden

  5. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    I would not be surprised if someone reported her to the Police

    1. mike mcfadden

      Oh dear oh dear, why report her to the police! Because she has an opinion. Try getting out more!!!

      1. Someonewhocares

        You – again – missed the point MM; That link was actually provided so we can complain about YOU of course!

      2. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

        I said that I would not be surprised if someone reported her to the Police not that I would & included the link as examples of things that get reported.

        1. Someonewhocares

          Yes, of course and I am sure we all realised that HH; What this idiot Councillor did is not actually actionable – as she has worded/reported it quite carefully (perhaps due to her Legal training?)

          The (other) idiot my comment was aimed at however *has* used actionable words!

  6. mike mcfadden

    Oh you silly little hairy bikers grow up.

    1. Someonewhocares

      That’s it ? But where is all your usual extremely offensive rambling rambling rhetoric ?

      We will see how ‘silly’ you are if/when enough of us complain…..

  7. Someonewhocares

    (Paul please just delete if inappropriate)

    This is posted mainly in reply to the related (but now closed) similar thread; It is not actually intended to be inflammatory but I (and others) have grown weary of MM’s dire nonsense (and probably my replies too so apologies in advance):

    MM: (Whilst I don’t think “psychoanalysis by blog” will work here) Is *everything* a conspiracy to you? Is *everything* negative to you? Is *everyone* is an enemy? You have a near-pathological need for conflict apparently ‘sparked off’ by *anything* remotely irritating!

    Try to make some more positive statements and then maybe – just maybe – we might listen.

    Similar as far as Gambling is considered it is ALL insidious, surely? And/or perhaps you actually did try to resist FOBT, but having clearly failed at that you are simply offloading all your anger and unpleasantness elsewhere, and notably onto this blog, can’t you see that?

    You will be aware the Govt. are dragging their feet about all this too…..


    .. so why not just try to do something more positive about all that instead?

    – A word of advice though; If you do try it would be best avoid all your preferred *expletive and offence-ridden diatribes*, as they are simply *not very effective/persuasive*…

    And finally NO of course I am NOT from/of Harrow Council; I can just ‘see the bigger picture’: Try it sometime yourself, your eyes are much more closed than you realise/accept!

  8. iharrow.com

    And now, we’ll bring this discussion to a close as well.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Fair enough Paul. (Still) way off the original topic but could I please ask you to post up the Gamcare link for anyone affected by this particular type of addiction?:-


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