Jan 23 2014

Boris: Wealdstone now an “Opportunity Area” for Development

london_planhousingnews.co.uk reports that plans to deliver tens of thousands of new homes in London through the creation of new opportunity areas have been announced by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, in an update to the London housing plan.

It says, “The Mayor wants to create four new opportunity areas in the London boroughs of Southwark, Bromley and Harrow to help boost regeneration and potentially deliver 11,100 new homes. The proposals are part of a package of changes the Mayor has drawn up to his 2011 London Plan, the document that sets out the future development of the city. They are now open to a 12 week public consultation, to be followed by a public examination later this year, and are likely to be adopted by the middle of 2015.”

It continues, “Proposed alterations include… …and Harrow and Wealdstone as new opportunity areas which will be London’s main locations for new development over the next 25 years with significant capacity for new housing, commercial and other uses supported by existing or planned improvements to public transport. By establishing Opportunity Areas, and working closely with London boroughs and partner agencies, the Mayor says he will be best able to deliver significant social and economic regeneration.”

Somewhat surprising that Wealdstone’s political candidates haven’t written to the local papers in howls of protest at the thought of many, many new developments in the borough.

More details here.  Thanks to L for the tip off.

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  1. Praxis Reform

    So, we’re due for more bizarrely shaped tower blocks of flats that only have the regulation amount of space if you measure vertically.

    Navin Shah is supposed to be an Architect, so you’d think he might know something about the built environment, and be making “howls of protest” to London’s Mayor.

  2. MysticMeg

    I am sure that Harrow is going to end up being just one big massive housing estate full of social housing. No jobs to be had, more overcrowding, and no investment in the infrastructure. Try getting an appointment with a dentist or a local GP and see how long you have to wait. Northwick Park is at breaking point, and whilst everyone has a right to live somewhere, why has Harrow been allocated as the cesspit of London Boroughs. We already wade through endless rubbish and heaps of spit on the pavements, I cannot imagine how Harrow will look with even more people moving in to the Borough. I can tell you that these houses/flats will never be bought by owner occupiers…all social rent or affordable housing. Never mind howls of protest from the politicians, I would like to see howls of protest from the long suffering residents of Harrow!

  3. John Clement

    Brilliant, more overcrowding, more strain on public services, higher council tax, more crime, more anti-social behaviour -who wouldnt be in favour of such a great scheme.

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