May 08 2013

Bradstowe House in Harrow Town Centre – End in sight

oraxis_calendarBuilding work on an unfinished apartment block which has dominated the Town Centre skyline for more than five years could restart by September.

Harrow Council has received a planning application from developers to restart building work on Bradstowe House in Greenhill Way, from September. In a £40m deal, a leading housing association plans to finish the building to a high standard and is looking forward to a successful outcome at Harrow Council’s planning committee on May 29.

The application is to vary the current planning consent to build 144 apartments and two commercial storeys for private business use that was granted to Comer Homes in 2005. The new application seeks to increase the number of apartments from 144 to 177 by earmarking one floor for commercial use instead of two. The developer plans to complete the project within 15 months. The flats will be largely available for the private sector rental market.

Robert Sprunt, of Sprunt Architects, said: “Our proposals for Bradstowe House will not only complete the building to a high standard but also provide much need accommodation in a prime location in Harrow.”

Photo credit: @PraxisReform (here and here)

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  1. Praxis Reform

    I’m glad to see that Harrow will have something more attractive right at the heart of the town centre.

    However, whilst I’m sure that the graffiti could easily be painted over – the rest of the structure has been exposed to the elements for the past eight years – so I hope that the new developers will be making sure that the structure is still sound.

    ***note to Keith Ferry*** This time, don’t forget to put a clause in the planning consent that the new developers should keep the site safe, clean and complete the development within, let’s say, 24 months.

  2. 4Democracy

    Whilst it will be great to see the end of this eyesore does Harrow have enough GP’s, Dentists and Schools to cope with the inevitable demand?

  3. Praxis Reform

    We certainly have enough empty shops to put them in, if the Council can tidy the place up a bit, pull their finger out, and attract development to the area.

    Of course that’s a big *IF* with people like Cllrs Ferry and O’Dell in charge (I doubt I’ll ever find out how Cllr Ferry came up with his lies statistic of just 5% of Harrow’s businesses being closed).

    However, with residents and businesses paying tax and contributing to the area, we might even see a reduction in local taxation and an improvement in services.

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