Mar 30 2016

Breaking News: Cllr David Perry Quits as Harrow Council Leader

labour_roseIn an unexpected move this morning, the leader of Harrow Council, Cllr David Perry, has quit his position as leader of the administration.

A new Leader of Harrow Council will be chosen by a full Council meeting on May 19th. The Leader will be appointed until 2018, when Harrow’s next council elections occur.

No reasons have been given. The post has an allowance of around £40,000 per year for the position.

More details to come.

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  1. Mystic Meg

    Best news I’ve heard all year. To be fair, he wont be missed. He was only ever Part time anyway

    1. Angela

      I second that Mystic Meg! £40,000 allowance for 2 days a week nice work if you can get it? However I smell a rat? Maybe a rat deserting a sinking ship? You don’t resign without good reason? This Council just keeps going from bad to worse!

    2. Someonewhocares

      Errr… aren’t all the Councillors “Part Time” by definition? Tell me any one that is Full Time!

  2. Mystic Meg

    Yes, I too smell a rat Angela. Maybe this whole responsibility of running Harrow has proved too much for Dave the Rave!. You can only hide your incompetence so long, before you get found out. My hope is that Mr Lockwood, our overpaid CEO will take the hint and also offer his resignation. I still struggle to see what benefit he has brought to Harrow other than to suck up another load of our taxes. And, they feel justified in increasing it to 4%? It could only happen in Harrow. Well, lets see what the official PR machines tells us minions about his reasons for leaving.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Interesting comments but Better The Devil You Know?? Lockwood is “locked in” via Contract, remember? Best to understand why before over-speculating Dave’s reasons for leaving I would suggest, too.

  3. red mirror

    oh come come meg good old lockwood has a hard time spending two hours jogging every lunch time then riding his stationary bicycle in his office is very taxing and what with all the masonic meetings to attend one must understand that Michael has to answer to his superiors THEN to the over taxed plebs of harrow

  4. Gary

    Good afternoon Paul, this article seems to be the perfect place to enact a debate about the goings on in the world of politics, firstly is the evasion of taxes by conservative MP’s Cameron’s father amongst the names highlighted, or closer to home is the alleged police investigation into our Conservative Lead Councillor S. Hall, is it no wonder why our conservative government desire to remove all aspects of European Law even the Human Rights Act 1998. is this a ploy to remove themselves from being held accountable by Law, or do they desire to be treated more favourably, I will let your readers decide. we cannot continue to support wrongdoers in times where the social divide is growing bigger. even your Conservative readers must know right from wrong. we cannot make derogatory comments about peoples size (poor Gemma- TOWIE) or expect to be treated more favourably. Mr Perry made a free decision to stand down a decision supported by freedom yes our Human Right, this site continually criticises Labour or the CEO or indeed me, however lets view the comments on the debate of wrongdoers, or whether its acceptable for elected people to knowingly try to avoid the Law or paying their taxes.

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