Nov 04 2014

He’s back! Ex-Chief Exec Michael Lockwood Seen at Civic Centre

harrow_council_logoIt’ll be no surprise to many to see that ex-Chief Exec of Harrow Council, Michael Lockwood, has been seen at the Civic Centre earlier this afternoon, almost certainly interviewing for his old role back at the Council.

Lockwood, who resigned earlier this year, is currently working for the Local Government Association, and his appearance today was expected by many, not least, our chums over at the Harrow Monitoring Group.

Still, it kind of makes sense. Dave needs some hired help, and who better than the ex-exec, who will already know who’s who at the Council. Should save Dave having to spend some of his valuable two days a week on do the introductions, if he’s successful in winning the post.

We can only hope the interview panel – probably made up of more Labour councillors than Conservatives – ask so probing questions, such as “What makes you think you can deliver £76m in savings, when you haven’t in the last four years?”

More news as we get it.


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  1. MysticMeg

    On No!!! Please let this be a joke! He was paid off a bit fat sum to leave and if he comes back, I want to know if he will return the money we, the taxpayer paid to get rid of him in the first place? Old boy network? You bet!

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