Mar 10 2017

Breaking News: Labour’s Mrs Henson wins Roxbourne by-election

Harrow Council has just announced that Labour have won, as expected, the Roxbourne by-election, with Maxine Henson joining husband Graham in the administration. No details on numbers yet – more detail to come as we get it.

She received 1,554 votes, ahead of 533 votes for Conservative Annabel Singh, 240 votes for Liberal Democrat Marshel Amutharasan and 148 votes for UKIP’s Herbert Crossman:


Group Votes Percentage
Labour 1554 62.8%
Conservative 533 21.5%
UKIP 148 6.0%
Lib Dem 240 9.7%


The turnout was 26.3%. Details here.

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  1. Wealdstone Warrior

    All I can say, those people who voted Labour must be happy with council tax rises and paying extra for garden bin tax and fly tipping. Turn out was very low, just over 26%. Well done Annabel on coming 2nd, onwards and upwards to the 2018 local elections.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Or maybe WW those particular voters were not very impressed with Theresa’s response to (Conservative) Surrey having problems due to the effects of the cuts on their Social Care? –

      Yes, embarrassing, Yes, Hammond/May displaying wholly-inappropriate humour. All they need now is (Jeremy) Clarkson as Foreign Secretary and then they might be ‘really hilarious’?

      1. Someonewhocares

        Oh dear, that video was removed so here is a similar one:-


        but after that dire National Insurance Budget gaffe I bet it is not quite so funny now….

        – The Revenue raised from this (not-thought-out) extra NIC on the self-employed was to pay for the Social Care shortfalls…. ‘Hilarious’ indeed!


    cOntinue of ugly TOWER BLOCKS IN HARROW

  3. red mirror

    does anyone know the conservatives view on paving?after the most recent 1st class job i hope that such work will continue .

  4. john jacobs

    Tower blocks you say !. Labour plans which will include knocking down the mosque. Lets put house s/flats there . Rebuild in wealdstone high street opposite macdonalds. Knocking down leisure centre lets put flats there and re build centre . Not forgetting the civic centre. Re locating in wealdstone. Tower blocks shall we build on the site? Why not.
    Lets pay over 40 council execs nearly £7 million pounds of tax payers money. Pay rises all round to
    Councillors. Why not they all deserve more tax payers money.

    Any black holes left folks ? Surely not its all the cuts.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Ah no, JJ, That is not caused by *too little money*, it is caused by *too much money* – particularly from unscrupulous Developers who offer ‘incentives’ (and then usually don’t deliver what they promised ‘due to unforeseen complications’ and the like). Public-Sector Officers and Councillors alike are clueless in the face of such Big-Business manipulations of course, and there are examples of this in London, too, for instance:


  5. DJFearRoss

    Are these people mad?! The streets have never been more filthy and the council is approving the building of more high rise flats that will add to this problem in addition to parking problems, congestion, crime and pollution!!

  6. John Jacobs

    Crime you say.. Well Wealdstone is or will depending on you views become a total no go area.
    Dont ask the boss of Harrow police .he is far too busy promoting his career and being politically correct. As for his troops moral is rock bottom. Walk the streets ? Dont be stupid. They suffer.. No pay rises.
    Whilst over at Harrow Council . Lockwood £230k salary and his EXecs are all lauding it up.
    Just pay up for your brown bin ..suckers. Well how else are you going to pay for my gold plated
    pension.. Jealous ?..Tough

    1. red mirror

      yes john the aloof elitist attitude of some of these characters reveals their true natures which i am sorry to say is psychopathic these people literally do not care in fact are unable to feel empathy of any sort should we be surprised? no of course not most top posts are filled by sociopaths that is a statistical fact and unfortunately we must deal with their forensic mess of which the bloody foot prints will spread ever wider across the borough and as you say this frankenstein organization is just interested in revenue i only wish the boys in blue would be as apathetic when it comes to them backing the unlawful illegal taking of poor peoples goods and chattels by scum debt collection agencies i could go on about the council printing their own court summonses and liability orders but hey i wont bore you nuff said.

  7. red mirror

    i must admit i am finding increasingly hard to express myself without offending a him her it they etc and being censored maybe i just lack the creative ability to couch my frustrations in a more indirect manor i realise i harrow has a duty to be fair and impartial on the whole but gggggrrrrrrrrrr some issues i cant hold back on but rules are rules and i fear the banning of hundreds of books by amazon may be the start of the
    [official} orwellian society.

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