Apr 11 2012

Brent gets £30m for School Funding; Harrow gets £0

In a BBC report, the London boroughs are the main beneficiaries of £600m additional funding for primary school places. So where does Harrow come on that list? And who gets the most?

The answer to the first question is that Harrow comes bottom. Literally and figuratively. In fact, Harrow get something that no other authority gets: a footnote. The footnote states, in mildly accusatory tones “The London Borough of Harrow has informed the Department of an issue with the school capacity data it provided to the Department in 2011. We are currently investigating this issue. This will not affect the allocations to other local authorities.”

One interpretation is that, put simply, Harrow might have messed up, gave the Department for Education the wrong numbers, and ended up with nothing out of a £600m pie. Not a slice, not a slither and not even a crumb. Even our neighbours in Ealing and Hillingdon got around £9m and £6m respectively.

With some of the school expansion plans talked about recently costing a couple of million pounds each, surely the cash would have been gratefully received?

And the answer as to who gets the most – that is, of course, Brent, who landed almost £31m. That’s £31,000,000 to use it’s full title. It’s an awful lot of money.

We’ll ask the best of Harrow councillors what, exactly, happened to prevent them landing anything from this bounty, and we’ll keep you posted. If you see this article on the Harrow Times’ website, remember you read it first at iharrow.com.

[Updated 12.04.2012 15.02 – The Harrow Times, did, of course, publish this story, probably after seeing it here – you can see it here].


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