May 29 2013

Broadfields Planning Application Withdrawn

conservative_logoA statement from Harrow’s Conservative group announces the withdrawal of the Broadfields Caravan and Camping Site planning application:

Two Conservative Headstone North councillors have welcomed the withdrawal of an application to build a caravan and camping site at Broadfields, Headstone Lane. Plans submitted for consideration by Harrow Council’s Planning Committee would have seen the building of a 75-pitch camping and caravan site on former playing fields, and were strongly opposed by local residents – with over 3,500 signing petitions against the development. The day before the Planning Committee was to meet, the developer withdrew the application.

Cllr. Anthony Seymour said: “We are very pleased to see that these proposals have been withdrawn. This proposed caravan site was a hugely inappropriate use of protected green belt land, and would have caused all sorts of problems for residents – including noise and even potential dangers on the roads. There were also implications for local wildlife, and any development of this site would have been obtrusive and not in keeping with the area. It should remain as playing fields.”

Cllr. Janet Mote said: “We have been meeting regularly with local residents since this application was submitted, and know how passionate they were that this development did not go ahead. The withdrawal of this application is the result of their hard work in making their voices heard. Additionally, from my involvement with schools in Harrow, I am both familiar with and support Sport England’s view that we should do all we can to protect playing field sites – described as ‘a key resource for the whole community’ in getting people of all ages involved in sport.”

We must now keep an eye out in case this application is resubmitted at a later date, as it’s clear that local residents do not want it.”

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