Mar 28 2013

Broadfields Sports Ground Caravan Site plans – objections everywhere!

buildingplansPlans for Broadfields Sports and Social Club to transform itself into a Caravan Site seem to have upset local residents recently.

Harrow council is currently seeking comments over plans to change the use of the land, just off Headstone Lane, from a sports ground to a caravan and camping park, with up to 75 pitches and construction of showers and toilet blocks.

With over 140 public comments – the vast majority of the ones we looked at to be objections to the development – it seems as if this could be an uphill battle for the developer. Indeed, some of the objections run to many pages.

Picking a comment at random – and this is fairly typical of the tone and voice of those we looked at – we can see:

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]I also find it amazing that Harrow Council could sanction the further reduction in playing fields…[/pullquote]

I wish to object in the strongest possible terms to this application. The traffic congestion problem in the area is already atrocious with near gridlock in the morning and evening. The already dangerous bend at Headstone Lane Station will be made worse by large vehicles turning into Broadfields. The other entrance adjacent to 220 Headstone Lane is also unsuitable for lager vehicles. The width restriction at Pinner Park School will cause further traffic problems when large vehicles will be forced to turn around and seek alternative access. This will result in further congestion and damage to the grass verges in Pinner Park Avenue where I live. I also find it amazing that Harrow Council could sanction the further reduction in playing fields. The hundreds of young people who used to use Broadfields are now being deprived of an invaluable facility following in the footsteps of the loss of Prince Edward fields and much of the Belmont United fields. When I look at the architectural and planning disasters which the people of Harrow have been subjected to over the last 30 years, you hope that things can only improve. Frankly it appears no lessons have been learned.

It doesn’t look good. You can look at the plans, application and supporting documents by visiting Harrow Council’s Planning Portal and searching for application P/0304/13.

You can also follow the residents’ campaign on Facebook here.

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