Jun 13 2016

Brown Bin Not Collected? @harrow_council Has NO OBLIGATION to Collect!

harrow_council_broken_2Signed up for Harrow Council’s Brown Bin Collection scheme? Think yourself lucky if you ever get a collection (yup, they missed large chunks of the borough again today) as the Council’s T&Cs may mean that they never need collect your bin:

3.5 On occasions, the Council may be unable to provide the Service due to circumstances outside its control. An event outside the Council’s control includes, but is not limited to, industrial action by third parties, civil commotion, riot, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war, fire, explosion, severe or adverse weather conditions, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic or other natural disaster, or failure of public or private telecommunications networks. The Council will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of the Council’s obligations under this agreement that is caused by an event outside the Council’s control.

3.6 In the event of that the Council misses a collection due to any of the circumstances as stated in clause 3.5 and where the Customer wishes their Wheeled Bin to be emptied before the next scheduled collection, Customers must report any missed collection to the Council’s waste services  team within two (2) days of the day the collection was due. The Council will use its reasonable endeavour to return and collect the Wheeled Bin within two (2) working days of the report being received by the waste services team, however this is not guaranteed.

There are countless wars ongoing at present – Wars in the World list page after page or wars and conflicts around the globe, which the council is quite capable as using a defence for not bothering to collect your brown bin. And let’s hope they don’t stoop as low as to use the horrific events in Orlando as a backup excuse not to collect. Weather? Well, it’s rained rather a lot recently, so there’s a third excuse. Natural disaster? Not sure that Susan Hall’s likely suggestion that a Labour Administration qualifies as a disaster would carry much weight.

But, all joking apart, if the council misses a collection, there is absolutely nothing that you, as a resident can do about. ” In the event of that the Council misses a collection due to any of the circumstances as stated in clause 3.5…” says clause 3.6. But it doesn’t say what remedies you have if the council misses a collection for reasons NOT stated in clause 3.5.

Brown Bins collections have been in place for some months now, and the teething problems don’t seem to be going away. Residents have had their collection days shifted, without notice. Bins are missed with increasing regularity, and we understand complaints are stacking up, much like the cars trying to get into the Forward Drive Civic Amenity site (“dump” to you and I).

If you have had your bin missed, and you fancy chancing your arm with getting it picked up, here’s the form you need to complete, within the two days after your missed collection day (so, collection due Monday, you have Tuesday and Wednesday to complete the form). if you don’t have any luck, I do have Chief Exec Mike Lockwood’s mobile phone number available for a small charitable donation to a charity of your choosing.


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  1. Susan Hall

    Ah but it’s true iharrow. The Labour Administration in Harrow is indeed a disaster so that may account for the continued problems with the bins-they should have left things alone, the system worked perfectly until they messed with it and the ones that suffer – the poor Council Tax payers….

  2. Tyrone Taylor

    Sorry but your information regarding 2 days to fill & submit form is wrong 24 hours now,your right it used to be 2 days but keeps coming down my Mothers was missed on a Wednesday went to fill form in on Thursday 8ish am & was met with the message your street has not been collected yet,this has happened a number of times.

    Another trick is if you do get to report yours & say your neighbours were missed too when you try to report theirs after yours message will then come up street not emptied.

    My Mother has contacted Cllr Shah after he contacted to say he would look into her bin problems,she is seeking a refund for non provision of services so we will see where that goes,another thing I really want people to get behind is https://www.fixmystreet.com/ if your fed up trying to ring the Council or find & fill in forms on the council website then use this site simple,fuss free & you can add photos plus everyone can see it

  3. Sonoo Malkani

    It seems as if there is no recourse if a bin collection is missed.Surely,having paid upfront if a service is not provided as promised you should get your MONEY BACK–since that person will need to dispose off the contents themselves until the next collection.

    It sounds as if there is no LEGAL obligation and all the cards are stacked in favour of the Council.I also read there is the POSSIBILITY of a collection if the person complains within TWO days.People need to hear about this.Please PUBLICISE this fact through HARROW PEOPLE ,the local papers,remaining libraries and post on the Council web-site.We have the right to know how to correct mistakes made which affect the quality of our lives and the environment in our neighbourhoods.

    Please would the Leader of the Council and the Chief Executive consider how this service may be improved since Harrow’s tax payers are forking out their hard earned monies and expect a good service in return.

    There must be two way traffic if members of public are expected to do their bidding.It is perfectly possible for improvements to be made once those in charge commit to delivering it.

    Let’s hope this happens sooner than later,with summer already on our door-step.

    1. Tyrone Taylor

      Sonoo brown bin you have 1 day now tried last 2 collections to report & you could not report later than 24 hours it would not accept any reports stating street had not been collected,maybe it is different for each bin.

  4. Someonewhocares

    There is a worrying trend here – in that It is strongly implied that it is OUR fault if the Council fail to do something and WE don’t report it quickly enough – and it seems t’he Council are increasingly shirking THEIR responsibilities and trying to pass it all on to US: But maybe it IS our fault – for expecting THEM to provide ‘a reasonable service’ in exchange for OUR money?

    Perhaps they need to spend more time providing those services and not spend so much time just getting their Legal Department to write ‘get out clauses’ for them? Someone in that department used to work for an Insurance Company for sure. An interesting list of excuses NOT to provide (paid for) Services – For example if War breaks out the Brown bins may not be emptied; That’s good to know!

  5. Concerned Harrovian

    As many people have stated they have had missed bin collections does this mean that war has already broken out in Harrow and that is the reason for non collection? With whom are the borough of Harrow at war with could it be the residents?

    Interesting to read that Councillor Shah is looking into brown bins. I am sure he will receive invitations from those residents with uncollected brown bins to look into the contents of their bins and no doubt free clothes pegs will be provided.

  6. Sonoo Malkani

    Tyrone,thanks for the information.I do however,worry that 24hours to report might not be enough,Needs reviewing.Good to hear Cllr Shah is looking into this matter and hope we find a suitable resolution soon.

  7. Harry

    I was informed that our brown bin emptying was due to start 7 June, but it has not been though three requests have been submitted and a visit to the civic centre who promised it would be so. Promises made are like pie crust – broken! The bin has been left in required position for emptying, how much longer???

  8. Tyrone Taylor

    Ok did a simple test by reporting an item via both fixmystreet & Harrow Council website,I got 2 different people to report same item 1 reported item 6th June plus emails plus resubmitted report no joy & no response from council

    Another reported same item via fixmystreet 2 days ago got automated reply from council that it had been received then yesterday that it had been assigned for collection & today it was cleared so it seems to jolly them up.Also contacted the council to find out who my neighbourhood champion is they sent me 4 possible email addresses of who it might be.

  9. Concerned Harrovian

    Of course if there were a war on the dustcarts would probably be converted to tanks. The staff at the Civic Centre would be conscripted into the Home Guard with the Civic Centre as their base.

    The Chief Executive would take the Captain Mannering role (don’t panic) and Councillor Sachin Shah could take the role of Sergeant Wilson.

    The taxpaying plebs could hide in their brown bins or turn them into sentry boxes..

    As the staff in the legal department have an answer (excuse) for every contingency they should probably be sent to the front line..

    Any other suggestions for the other dad’ army roles?

  10. Lisa

    I don’t think it is the Labour administration that has messed up. I think the people the council employ to do this have no idea how to run a (commercial service ).

  11. Someonewhocares

    Ah, so it is not the administration who are responsible for the mess at all but the people they employed….Well that;s OK then! Wait… as WE employ the Council then clearly WE are all to blame then; How very inept of us! As we can see no-one in the Council has an inkling about running a commercial service – perhaps as most of them have no experience of anything outside Public ‘Service’? How else can you explain the mess?

    1. Lisa

      I think you will find the administration don’t employ those people

      1. Someonewhocares

        Please explain Lisa: The administration IS the Council (or at least part of it); Specifically which “those people” are you referring to therefore?

        1. Lisa

          The people who put the collection rounds together some have been employed at the Council for years. And any new people working on it would not have been personally chosen by the Administration.

          1. susan

            The Officers at the coal face are being put under great strain because of the policies put in by the Labour administration

          2. Someonewhocares

            But here’s the problem with that Susan: New policies are also discussed with such ‘officers’ prior to being implemented, with any potential pitfalls outlined then too. If policies are likely to fail, and these officers do not highlight this then who exactly is to blame? Is if the ‘officers’ for not caring enough – or is it the ‘councillors’ for not knowing enough – or is it the ‘central government’ for not understanding enough (about the effects of ‘cuts’)? Or is it a combination of all three? I would strongly suggest that all three are ‘to blame’ – with too much time spent with each blaming the other, usually ‘after the fact’!

  12. Concerned Harrovian

    Contract Law

    Does anyone have knowledge of contract law? When I signed up for the brown bin collection I gave my address details and made a card payment. I received a receipt but I did not receive a contract outlining reasons for failure to collect. .

    Surely when we pay our £75 we are entering into a contract with the council to empty our brown bins. if we entered into this sort of contract with a private firm we would be given a receipt and a contract outlining the terms and conditions of collections.

    I have never been sent a contract with the exclusions mentioned in the above article. Is Harrow
    Council breaking the law by failing to provide literature that states the above exclusions when we sign up and pay our £75.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Unfortunately CH this is exactly the kind of thing that happens when you sign up to something “on line” – there is an assumption you have studied (*and agreed to*) all the relevant T&Cs but which may -or may not’ be ‘clearly presented’. The nasty part of this however is that many of the more disreputable ‘vendors’ have a habit of ‘retrospectively reviewing’ those T&Cs and imposing them (to their advantage) without further redress – and indeed the original T&Cs mean you may have *already* agreed to this happening! The only way to avoid this is to request *written* T&Cs, copy them, sign and return them with payment: This way you will have a real “Contract” of the type you expected to have. If ‘vendors’ refuse to provide written T&Cs then they should be avoided!

  13. Concerned Harrovian


    Thank you for the explanation and wise advice. Whilst it is sensible to be aware of possible scams on the internet one does not expect Harrow Council to be indulging in this sort of behaviour.

    Are we (the residents) being naïve when we expect Harrow Council to have higher moral standards?

  14. Sonoo Malkani

    All these comments indicate mass confusion.Please would the portfolio holder step up to the plate and get a proper response which the residents find acceptable posted right away.The buck stops with them.They are being paid for these jobs and are not volunteers.The officers in charge of these things must be consulted and advised to put things right with the same speed with which they collect monies from us for the services.

    Sincerely hope we can bring this to a swift and satisfactory resolution,bearing in mind summer is upon us!.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Clearly many of the ‘plans’ from the Council cause such Mass Confusion – because they are just not sufficiently ‘thought through’, obviously! They ‘make it up as they go along;, and when it inevitably goes wrong they ignore criticism. It is amusing that you seem to think that they should feel that THEY should actually provide a good service for OUR money, too; They simply don’t think like that, didn’t you know?

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