Jul 14 2016

Buckinghamshire Council Walks After First Date With Harrow; Ignores Calls

harrow_council_broken_2Much noise and fanfare was made about Harrow sharing procurement services with Buckinghamshire Count Council just a few short months ago. And yet, all of a sudden, the deal is off. No calls, no letters, no flowers. It’s just like one of the murderous first dates, where you realise the hot girl from accounts – you know, that Latino one – slurps her soup, doesn’t know which knife and fork to use with which course, and ends up getting drunk on cheap Prosecco, before vomiting over the maître d’ leaving you to sort out the bill. Anyway…

According to the cabinet papers this week, hidden on page 465 is a tiny note:

This report is being brought to Cabinet as a result of Buckinghamshire County Council’s (Bucks CC) decision to withdraw from the original proposition to create a tri-partite shared service between LB Harrow, LB Brent and Bucks CC.

And on page 482:

The withdrawal of Buckinghamshire CC from shared procurement proposals has made the savings target for 2017/18 more difficult to achieve and the shared seevrice proposal needs to be re-presented to Brent’s Cabinet. The methodology by which the savings will be delivered will not be certain until Brent have reapproved and a revised business case agreed.

Oh dear. Best get back on that council equivalent of Tinder, Mike. Or Grindr, whichever way you lean.


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  1. Council Employee

    I noticed that this piece of news wasn’t showing up in the ‘Communication’ emails anymore. I guess they finally spotted the sleazy way Harrow operates and backed off.

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