Nov 07 2013

Bunfights at the Polling Station in Harrow

polling_stationSome unconfirmed rumours today of a little excitement outside one of the polling stations earlier for the Harrow on the Hill by-elections. Unfortunately, we can’t mention any names, but it seems that:

  • One person was handing out leaflets “too close” to the polling station. Another political group complained, and someone turned up and told the first person to move away. There is, we believe, some rules about how close campaigners can get to the polling station, but these weren’t made clear at the time.
  • Next, we had the partner of councillor verbally abuse a councillor from an opposing party. There might have been some talk of physical assault, but that’s not entirely clear.
  • A further councillor is reported to accused a police officer of supporting a particular political group because of the colour they were wearing.
  • Finally, one political group is busy writing up complaints against another party, and one councillor is considering making a complaint to the police about a a campaigner.

Clearly, everyone is remaining tight-lipped about it, with the only on-the-record comment coming from the council being that “..it is a police matter, and should be left to them.”

There’s bound to be more to this story. Thanks to those anonymous contributors who supplied parts of this article. Meanwhile, we await the results of the by-election, which should be announced some time tomorrow morning.


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  1. gary roberts

    This by-election should not have been allowed to go ahead. It will not make the slightest difference to the political make up of the council. Which ever party win it. It is just a sheer waste of £1000’s of taxpayers money. Especially when we will be doing it all over again in the spring.

  2. King David

    Agree with Gary. Had the Labour cllr waited a few mnths before throwing the towel it would have been much better

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