Nov 18 2013

Car Park Price Increases at Harrow Civic Centre

harrow_council_logoIt’s often bad enough to have to drag yourself to the Civic Centre to deal with administrative affairs in person, especially so since the Council seems intent of shoving as much of it’s good ol’ face-to-face interaction online over recent months.

The latest nail in the coffin of Concil humanity seems to be both a reduction in visitor space, coupled with an increase, directly targetted to penalise short-term visitors. Park for one hour, and it’ll now cost you £1.40, instead of £1.30 – only a ten pence increase, admittedly, but multiply that by the number of short-term visitors the council receives, and it probably adds up quickly. Parking for two hours (£2.50) onwards remains unchanged.

The documents that the council has published give no indication of how many spaces will be lost with this move, but does say:

The general effect of the above order is to propose including land within the Civic Centre complex, in The Harrow (Off-street Parking Places) Traffic Order 2014 for the purpose of regulating this land as a designated pay and display parking place. This will create a visitor pay and display car park in staff car park B at the end of the car park nearest Milton Road, that will use approximately half of the existing car park B area. The existing visitor car park will become staff parking, replacing the staff parking lost from car park B. Pay and display parking is proposed for the existing visitor parking in front of staff car park B, in front of the black barriers which is currently controlled by security staff. Pay and display parking is also proposed directly in front of Civic 1, that will also have a number of disabled bays allocated for blue badge holders. Pay and display parking is also proposed in front of staff car park D, in the civic centre access road where the existing disabled parking bays are located. The two existing disabled parking bays near Civic 4 will remain. The existing parking bays for motorcycles shall be retained at the front and rear of the Civic Centre, and a new loading bay is proposed adjacent the RetrEAT for loading and unloading. No pay and display charges shall apply to motorbikes or blue badge holders.

All objections and other representations relating to the proposed order must be made in writing and sent to the Service Manager – Traffic and Highway Network Management at the address given below quoting reference DP2013-12 and received not later than 11th December 2013. All objections must specify the grounds on which they are made. All objections must include the name and address of the objector to be considered valid. Email: transportation@harrow.gov.uk.

Download the notice and a map here.


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  1. j p hobbs

    Well Harrows favourite rip off is Harrows drivers and not one of our useless incompetent political parties gives a pschit whilst the money is rolling in , they are proving that by still ignoring the Harrow and Wealdstone station stealth camera . 1700 PCNS last year , not 2 as the lib /dem newsletter suggests . Please remember this at the next election and stay home may be the only answer . if I do it will be the first time in 50 plus years .

  2. j p hobbs

    Who made that famous quote . No answer came the stern reply ?

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    Are you suggesting our politicians/council officers are bunkips JP?

    The Bunyip“Who am I,” asked the Bunyip. “What am I doing here?”
    “Please tell me,” begged the Bunyip,” for my purpose isn’t clear.”

    “No answer!” came the stern reply; “You’ll get no help from me!”
    Poor Bunyip, he began to cry, “Doesn’t anyone know me?”

    And thus he went a-wandering, searching far and wide
    For someone who could put an end to his longing, deep inside.

    One day, he found a piece of glass, discarded by a lake.
    He gazed into its surface … OH! That was his big mistake!

    For in that glass, he met Himself … the image struck him dumb;
    No-one could love that ugly mug! (Except perhaps his Mum …)

    So, overcome by black despair, the poor old Bunyip sobbed.
    The tears poured down his warty cheeks, and ran into his gob.

    He cried all night, and then all day, and then all night again.
    The rain it poured, the wind it howled as if to voice his pain …

    Then suddenly emerged a shape, out of the Primal Soup,
    Round and warty … big and black … The Bunyip was cock-a-hoop!

    “Who am I?” asked the creature,
    (In strangely girlish voice.)

    The Bunyip’s pulse began to race …
    His lumpy heart rejoiced …

    “What am I?” begged the creature.
    “Oh! I WISH that I could see!”

    “You’re a Bunyip!” cried the Bunyip,
    “And you look, … well,

    “Just like ME!”


    A bunyip, as our Aussie members will know, is a mythical creature – or is it?
    They are said to inhabit small ponds, and are lovable – but not handsome …

  4. Concerned Harrovian

    Sorry for the typing error J P the word should be bunyip.

  5. Harrow Dude

    The thing is Susie needs all the parking income she can generate to fund all the extra money that has miraculously appeared to bankroll her pet projects. For the record I’m all for clean streets and well maintained parks etc but just throwing money at the problem and engaging copious amounts of agency staff to shore-up a depleted workforce is only a short term solution and not sustainable….Well not unless you can dip into some other available revenue. Is parking the new cash cow…or has it always been.

  6. j p hobbs

    For Harrow politicians please see Mythical Creatures . Thanks CH . lol

  7. j p hobbs

    Well RE STEALTH CAMERA, WEALDSTONE STATION Jeremy cancelled his protest as he was busy winning the Harrow on the Hill election and Alice !!!! Sorry Susan was looking into it
    the other local politicians are still ignoring it This area should come under Harrow and Bent .

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