Jan 23 2013

Car Parking Income in Harrow – No demand?

harrow_council_logo2We wondered how much Harrow Council takes in income from car parking across the borough. This was an idea sparked by the Council’s Great Leader Thaya Idaikkadar, who had noted, in a recent Harrow Observer article, that “At the moment, there are a couple of car parks that are not in demand at all…”

So, we asked the Council how much they’d made from car parks across the borough. They told us:

The authority does not a systematic system for determining usage of car parks.  This reflects the relative age of the equipment in use in car parks and the historic use of pay and display machines which have shown themselves to be robust, albeit provide less data.  More modern equipment has greater capabilities but the costs of replacement do not warrant the benefits. Some data for activity this financial year through to the end of December is attached.  This looks at income figures with an assumption over a split between those motorists seeking less than 2 hours parking and over 2 hours (65/35 percentage split).

Car park        <2 hours  >2 hours   Income  
Greenhill Way   £162,500  £87,500    £250,000
Davy House       £58,500  £31,500     £90,000
Queens House     £86,450  £46,550    £133,000
Peel House       £32,500  £17,500     £50,000
Gayton Road      £71,500  £38,500    £110,000
St Johns         £25,350  £13,650     £39,000
Stanmore          £9,100   £4,900     £14,000
Pinner          £213,200 £114,800    £328,000
North Harrow      £7,800   £4,200     £12,000
Vaughan Road     £14,300   £7,700     £22,000
Palmerston Road  £27,300  £14,700     £42,000

Total per annum                    £1,090,000

It’s certainly some big numbers, and would appear to show that Great Leader has absolutely no idea what he’s on about when he says “…there are a couple of car parks that are not in demand at all..”

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