Jan 12 2015

Careful With Complaints to Harrow Council – They Leak YOUR Details

harrow_council_logoIf you were to complain to the Council, you’d expect a modicum of discretion perhaps.

You might have every expectation that they wouldn’t publish your name, your address and your phone number on their web site, along with the contents of the complaint letter for everyone to see.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Harrow Council has done with a complaint letter from a resident, about The Shawl public house in South Harrow.

In the letter, the (female) resident details “the drunks and the noise”, the way drinkers “…come out of the pub and are sick everywhere.”

“We don’t need any more pubs,” she writes. Her husband, she continues, died a few years ago, and “he would have not put up with this.”




It’s a shabby state of affairs when the Council can’t be trusted not to publish residents complaints, addresses and phone numbers on their web site. This sorry excuse for a council should make every effort to put matters right with this clearly vulnerable resident – and an apology and a bunch of flowers wouldn’t go amiss – and remove the document immediately. If they’d like to contact info@iharrow.com, we can point them to the document’s URL on their website.

Updated Jan 17th: The Council has finally removed this letter from their website.


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  1. mike mcfadden

    Ha ha ha Start complaining to Harrow and the wooden tops will soon appear trying to fit you up with something. The police in Harrow are as bad as the council seem to be perhaps they have a very unpleasant alliance going by my personal experience but what can you do when your fighting for your personal freedoms that are being arrowed daily until we become a banana republic. I stand by my every word. Beware out there the thought police are not far away. In the words of George Orwell, the further society drifts from the truth the more they will hate those that speak it!!

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    This is terrible. A vulnerable lady contacts Harrow Council and has her details posted on the Harrow website. Let us hope those guilty of the anti-social behaviour show more restraint than the man involved in the stabbing of his neighbour in South Harrow.

    I hope her Safer Neighbourhood Police team have contacted Harrow Council to chastise them over this careless and stupid posting on the council website.

    Do the Safer Neighbourhood Police really need Harrow Council to sabotage their work in resolving disputes?

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