Sep 03 2013

Cedars Youth and Community Centre – Making a Difference

cedars_raceCedars Youth and Community Centre has been at the heart of its Harrow neighbourhood for more than a year now, and the latest crime statistics show it’s having a fantastic impact.

In the year since the launch of the centre, which is operated by Watford FC’s Community Sports and Education Trust, overall crime was down 25% compared to the previous year. Anti-social behaviour dropped by 37.5% and there was a reduction in street litter of 33.6% in the surrounding area. The centre now attracts about 150 daily users and has more than 1,300 members – 77% of which are aged between 10 and 21 years old.

Cedars has been making a real difference to the lives of Harrow’s children, young people and residents, through
activities including football, basketball, table tennis, badminton, bowls, boxercise, yoga, dance and fitness
classes. A fully-operational gym is also available and community groups can hire the centre’s facilities.

Well done to Richard Segalov and the team, you have made a great difference.

To find out more, visit the centre’s new website www.cedarsycc.org

Source: Harrow Council

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  1. sonoo malkani

    Richard Segalov has a wonderful way with Youth.I have known him for several years and am delighted to hear how well this youth Centre is doing under his careful guidance.

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