May 04 2012

Celebrate London 2012 with your own Community Games

Community groups who fancy re-enacting the Olympics on their village greens can apply for funding to hold their own sports based Community Game

Created by the West London Partnership, the Community Games will offer families, colleagues, faith groups, school organisations, local charities or neighbours the chance to come together as a community to hold a sporting event where everyone can get involved and have fun.

Your event could take place all in one day or over a series of different days or venues as long as it is inspired by, and representative, of its community. The game itself can be anything from a football match to an egg and spoon race – the more imaginative the better! In order to take part the group must have a closing and opening ceremony, have some form of competition and include a sporting or cultural activity.

What’s more, communities can apply for funding of up to ¬£500 to help cover the costs of their events.

Councillor David Perry, Portfolio holder for Community and Cultural Services, said: “I would encourage everyone to get involved in the Community Games. By doing this we will show the next generation the importance that sporting and cultural activities have in bringing our diverse community together, and show that we can have a huge amount of fun when doing so.”

To get involved in the fun, all applications must be submitted by Saturday 23rd June 2012. Opportunities for small grants, workshops and Community Games toolkits can also be applied for.

To register your event or to see Harrow’s plans for the Community Games visit www.communitygames.org.uk. If you decide to hold your own community games then please do let us know. Contact nadia.mansur@harrow.gov.uk with the details!

To find out more about the Olympics and Harrow, visit www.harrow.gov.uk/championingharrow.

Source: Harrow Council

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