Nov 16 2011

Celebrity chef to give money-saving tips to Harrow residents

Top TV chef Richard Fox will be in Harrow town centre next week to show residents how to turn leftovers and food waste into affordable, tasty dinners.

The food writer and broadcaster will be outside the St George’s Shopping Centre in Harrow on Saturday 26th November from 11am to 4pm for a live cookery demonstration and a question-and-answer session on cooking, recipes and food.

Shoppers and residents will also be able to take part in a cookery competition to see who can make the best dish out of leftovers. In addition, there will be a Love Food Hate Waste information stall, offering advice on cutting food waste.

The event is part of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, which aims to help residents save £50 a month by getting the most from the food they buy and reducing the amount they throw away. It is also European Week for Waste Reduction from 19th to 26th November.

Every year Harrow Council spends over £940,000 disposing of food thrown away by residents. The Council is working to cut waste costs by raising awareness and advising people how they can produce less waste and recycle more, so that more money can be spent on key services. Across the UK, the average family is throwing away £50 of unused food every month.

Cllr Phillip O’Dell, portfolio holder for environment and community safety on Harrow Council, said:

“Harrow Council is campaigning to reduce the amount of waste our residents and businesses produce and targeting food waste is a key part of that.

“The Council is spending nearly £1m a year getting rid of waste or leftover food while the average family is putting almost £500 of food into their bin every year.

“The cookery demonstration is a fun way to find out how to cut your food waste and enjoy the benefit of having more cash in your pocket.”

Love Food Hate Waste will host a stand at Tesco on Station Road on Saturday 19th November from 9am to 5pm, and at Harrow Civic Centre on Tuesday 22nd November from 11am to 2pm.

Do you want to cook with Richard Fox? Send an email to info@westlondonwaste.gov.uk telling us why you should take part in the Ready Steady Cook competition, we’ll select someone to take part. Make sure to tell us your phone number so we can get in touch.

How can you save £50 a month?

  • Make a shopping list – stops you buying things you already have that could go out of date and then get thrown away.
  • Plan your meals -check your fridge to see when food goes out of date and plan meals using that food. A plan also means someone else can do the cooking!
  • Time for a big freeze – Most foods are easy to freeze and keep for later so get the most from it and freeze leftovers, your bread and anything else that is going out of date soon.
  • Make the most of your leftovers – there are lots of things you can do with small amounts of uneaten food – ask one of our advisors and check on the website.

For more food recipes, tips and information visit www.westlondonwaste.gov.uk/lovefood.

Source: Harrow Council

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