Nov 17 2011

Clearview – 332 Northolt Road development – granted

At last night’s Planning Committee, Harrow Council have given the green light for Clearview Homes to build on the site of the old car-wash and petrol station at 332 Northolt Road.

We’ve written on this before, and it seems to have gathered an amount of opposition, mainly, it would seem, for the height of the structure. I think it unlikely that many South Harrow residents would disagree that “something should be done” with the land there, but, building 50 homes – with just 18(?) car park spaces – seems to have rankled many, especially those living close to the development.

Nonetheless, Harrow has negotiated what’s called, in the trade, a ‘Section 106 agreement’ – this is where a developer agrees to hand over a sum of cash, ostensibly for things like improving local green spaces, or ‘administration fees’, and in return, permission would be granted.

In this case, Harrow’s agreed list was:

  • Provision of 20% of units for Affordable Housing (6 social rent and 4 for intermediate housing) subject to a review mechanism
  • A contribution towards local educational facility improvements;
  • A contribution towards open space improvements within the vicinity of the site;
  • The submission of a Recruitment Training and Management Plan;
  • A contribution towards the provision of an Employment Coordinator;
  • Legal Fees: Payment of Harrow Council’s reasonable costs in the preparation of the legal agreement; and
  • Planning Administration Fee: Payment of £3,000 administration fee for the monitoring of and compliance with this agreement.

The full detail on the approval from Harrow Council can be seen here (pages 28 to 54).

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