Jun 02 2011

Clearview Homes – the plan for South Harrow’s old carwash site

In an article a few days ago, we reported how an exhibition was planned for today, to show local residents what the intentions were for the development on the old car-wash site on Northolt Road.

The exhibition – which consisted of 6-8 posters – and a team of three people, was to explain the background, intent, plans and timelines of the project, as well as to provide a number of – it has to be said – very nice-looking artists impressions of the planned development.  So, what, exactly, is the plan:

  • 50 flatted units (apartments, ranging from one bedroom, upto four bedroom)
  • …of which around eleven will be for ‘key workers’ (nurses, police, etc)
  • Onsite parking for around 15 vehicles (which prompts questions surrounding parking in nearby streets)
  • Cycle storage facilities with a capacity of around 50 cycles
  • Approximately four stories of building, in an ‘L’ shaped design, with the highest point at the junction of Northolt Road and Corbins Lane, dropping to three stories at the edges of the ‘L’ shape.
  • A single entrance exit, at approximately the current location, on Northolt Road; the Corbins Lane exit will not be utilised.
  • An additional two town-house will also be built: one adjacent to the Kwik Fit building on Northolt Road, the other adjacent to the existing terrace on Leathsail Road in the small ‘pan-handle’ part of the plan (towards the lower left-hand side on the map, shown).

In terms of timing, full formal plans should be submitted to Harrow Council in July 2011, with building intending to start in Winter 2011, ready for occupation towards the end of Summer 2012. It’s a fairly aggressive schedule, but from discussion with the architects involved, doesn’t seem to be pushing the boundaries of what might seem reasonable.

So, no proper pictures? Afraid not. At the stage, despite copies of the illustrations being handed out to local councillors, these pictures and plans are still not being released to the general public, at least, not until planning permission is applied for. The aerial view shown here is a reconstruction, from memory, of the drawings we saw earlier today, but if we get anything better than this – and we’d certainly hope that they’d be willing to share whatever collateral they have – we’ll post it here. Meanwhile, you can click on this picture to enlarge it.

Publicity surrounding this seems to have been, uh, minimal at best. Around 150 leaflets were dropped to residents in the vicinity, and a limited number of flyers posted – I’ve yet to find one of those. Local councillors were notified in writing (and invited to a ‘closed’ session, ahead of the public gathering today). We’re sure this was simply an oversight, and we’d be pleased to reproduce those colour pictures here, given the chance. We’ve followed up with Preston Bennett, and are awaiting a response.

Thoughts? Views? Let us know in the comments, below.

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