Dec 19 2011

Cllr Bond (Independent, Headstone North) in a spot of bother

cllr_james_bondCouncillor James Bond, the Independent member for Headstone North, seems to have ended up in a spot of bother recently.

According to the Standards Hearing Sub-Committee meeting on November 28, it was found that Councillor Bond had failed to comply with part of the Code of Conduct for Councillors by failing to treat [an Officer of the Council] with respect and compromising the impartiality of an Officer of the Council.

So, what happened? It seems it all started when Cllr Bond’s local coffee and sandwich shop, a few yards down from North Harrow station where he works, crossed sword with Harrow’s Environmental Health over the absence of a hand-wash sink. Cllr Bond leapt into action and fired off a complaint, on behalf of The Delicatessen, where he accused Miss Cogan – the Environment Health Officer involved – of carrying out her duties in “…a wholly unprofessional and threatening manner…” Once warmed up, he then flung phrases like “incompetent”, “…diktak from [Miss] Cogan…”, “…devoid of any kind of people person skills.” In short, not the sort of letter to win friends and influence people.

So, once Brendon Hill – the recipient of the above-mentioned carping drivel, and, by the way, the Corporate Director of Community and Environment – investigated, and asked Miss Cogan a few questions, he had to show her the letter. To cut a long story short, this then resulted in a complaint about Cllr Bond and an internal investigation ensued.

Fast forward almost a year, and the  Standards Hearing Sub-Committee has ordered Cllr Bond to undertake some training (probably on how not to write complaints letters, we’d imagine), and suggested that he learns more about, “…the difficult role of the Environmental Health Officer.”

You can read the whole sorry tale here, including Cllr Bond’s letter, which kicked it all off.


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