Apr 23 2014

Cllr Chana: Labour’s Three Wasted Years in Harrow

cllr_kam_chana_2Dear Editor,

While out canvassing in Rayners Lane ward, I was frankly astonished to have a resident tell me that Labour’s Cllr. Krishna Suresh had told them he had organised the free parking scheme which our Conservative administration is currently rolling out across the borough.

In three years of running the Council, Labour did nothing about free parking. To their credit, Independent Labour proposed an initial scheme in the summer of 2013, which ultimately would have cost too much – but at least they put it on the table. Labour then voted against our budget in February, which contained the free parking scheme that’s now being introduced. So Labour had one chance to back free parking, and they blew it!

Of course pretending they were responsible for things they had nothing to do with comes naturally to Labour; who are currently flooding Harrow with literature claiming to have frozen council tax for three years. In reality, though they froze it in 2011 and 2012 by accepting a grant from the Conservative-led Government, they put it up by 2% in 2013, and had proposed a 2% increase this year – which we overturned by freezing it instead. Labour voted against this freeze, too.

It says so much about how Labour view their three wasted years in control of Harrow Council that they’re taking credit for two of the many positive things the Conservatives have done in just the last 7 months.

Cllr. Kam Chana
Portfolio Holder for Business & Enterprise
Harrow Council

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