Nov 01 2014

Cllr Dave’s Hired Help – Coming Soon

harrow_council_logoIt looks like the Labour administration’s dream of bringing back an overpaid chief executive is nearing the home stretch this week. As regular readers will know, the post was axed by former leader Cllr Susan Hall during her tenure, only to be immediately reinstated to help Cllr Dave Perry run the council immediately after the elections in May.

The plan will see an extra £1 million spent on what was proved to be an unnecessary role over the next four years, to support Dave’s two-days per week commitment to his leadership duties, at a time when the council is looking at reducing expenditure by £75 million. Let’s not forget that this slashing of costs could include the closure of children’s centres, boarding-up of the Harrow Arts Centre, moving to monthly bin collections, halting grass cutting in Harrow’s award-winning parks, switching off street lights and leaving the borough’s roads filled with pothole.

The successful candidate will need to be approved at a full Council meeting – the next one being scheduled for November 13th. Between now and then, it looks like interviews will be happening on November 4th, a meeting entitled ‘Chief Officers Employment Panel’ showing on the council’s website.

Congrats, Dave. You’ve just made that £76 million to slash from services.

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