Apr 08 2013

Cllr Husain Akhtar and the Harrow Council Taxicards

taxicardWhich way is the wind blowing today?

Back in October 2012, Cllr Akhtar (who was a Conservative councillor at the time), was up in arms about the Labour-led council’s strategy of limiting Taxicard trip to just 104 a year. For an elderly or unwell person, that’s just one round trip out per week: to a doctor, to hospital, to the shops, and so on.

An article in Taxi magazine from October 30, 2012, picked up on Harrow’s plan. It even included a quote from 89-year old Sylvia Dorff of Stanmore, who says, “It’s ridiculous – absolutely wicked – and if I came face-to-face with the person who took this decision I would lose my temper, believe me.”

Here’s the article – if you can’t read it, click here and go down to page 12:

taxi_paper_cardBut back to Cllr Akhtar. At the time – remember, he was still a Tory boy then – he said that he wanted the council to rethink its policy. He said: “I have unsuccessfully tried to reason with the collections and housing benefits team to consider individual circumstances but was told there can’t be any exceptions – I’m disappointed by a straightjacket approach. This change has caused serious problems for many elderly residents in my ward who now go out less often with obvious implications, including isolation.”

Of course, that was before he jumped ship to Labour (via a short stint as an Independent), so he’s probably completely in agreement  with the Labour scheme – and any future incarnations now. Life’s funny like that.

Source: Licenced Taxi Drive Association and TAXI Newspaper

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  1. Praxis Reform

    The Political Parties should take a leaf from Sun Tzu’s book on how to treat turncoats after they’ve exceeded their usefulness

  2. AllThingsGood

    Lets work on the premise that Cllr Akhtar still feels the same way? If so hopefully it won’t be long before he convinces his new labour friends that what they have done here is despicable. Harrow need to take a trip to Hillingdon to see what appears to be a more efficiently run council.

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