Nov 21 2013

Cllr Husain Akhtar Expresses Concern for Cllr Hall

husain_akhtarAmusing little email from our good friend Cllr Husain Akhtar, either expressing concern for Cllr Hall’s safety, or – more likely – trying to stop her from rolling her sleeves up and getting her hands dirty down on the streets of South Harrow. Maybe it’s the thought of a councillor actually doing something in the community (take note, Husain) that revolts him? Either way, surely the Council Chamber is a far more dangerous place for Cllr Hall, as opposed to being out with the Met and it’s Territorial Support Groups bashing down doors?

We haven’t made enquiries, but we’re sure that Husain would be equally welcomed if he wanted to get out and meet residents in the same way, Wouldn’t he?

Thanks to anon for the tip!

From: Husain Akhtar [husain.akhtar@virginmedia.com]
Sent: 19 November 2013 17:24
To: Hugh Peart
Subject: Seeking clarification about the Council’s liability

Dear Hugh

I learn from the local newspapers that the present leader of the council is accompanying operational activities, including raids, carried out by the police or/and fire officers. For example.

I don’t find a specific constitutional reference to this aspect of the leader’s role.

In any case, I wonder whether or not the council’s insurance covers any third party damages claimed because of such a participation or if any damages claimed by the leader herself in case of any injury, loss etc that she might sustain while on these hazardous missions.

I understand that the police or fire authorities insurances do not cover civilian participants in the operational matters.

Therefore, and in case, the insurances do not provide cover for the leader’s above said activities, a way forward could be for the leader to sign (a) a no claim declaration and (b) that she would accompany the police/ fire activities at her own risk, freeing the council from any liabilities!

I share this email with my fellow councillors because I glean that the matter appears to be of a wider interest.


Councillor Husain Akhtar

It’s all very, very strange! And slightly touching in an odd sort of way…

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    I agree Paul. It is touching that Cllr Akhtar has decided to swap his speedos for the armour of Sir Galahad. He is obviously very concerned that no harm should come to Cllr Hall. Good to see a cllr behaving in an altrustic manner.

  2. lettyp

    What a Buffoon!

  3. Praxis Reform

    Whilst I’m no fan of Tory politics, the Police or other right-wing hate groups, this episode smells of muck raking to me. And, although otherwise not worthy of comment, I think Cllr Akhtar has missed a trick…

    Modern management systems put risk assessment at the heart of all business decisions, so likely if the Police go to raid a brothel, they will have taken account of the fact that there might conceivably be a gun-toting Pimp hiding inside the building, high on PCP or something.

    They will have therefore trained their Officers, issued them with protective equipment, and brought a selection from their arsenal of weaponry along to over-react to any potential threats, etc.

    Cllr Hall can therefore be kitted out with a bulletproof jacket, and told to stay somewhere at the back of the crowd of Police Officers. Where the risks of injury are negligible, and any extra insurance cover is minimal. The good Councillor then gets a healthy dose of publicity in the local paper, and the Police get brownie points for co-operating with the Council.

    So, instead, the question Cllr Akhtar should be asking is why aren’t the self-confessed Libertarian members of Harrow’s Council up in arms about the Police interfering with a group of girls selling their services in a laissez-faire Capitalist marketplace?

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