Mar 27 2014

Cllr Husain Aktar’s Standard’s Hearing – April 2, 2014

husain_akhtar1At long, long, last, a date has been set for the Councillor Standards Hearing for Cllr Husain Akhtar: April 2, 2014 at 10.00am.

Details are sketchy: it took a lot of work for the council to even admit there was a hearing date set, and it wasn’t until late last night that it was finally confirmed by the council’s Head of Legal Practice, Jessica Farmer.

The hearing should be open to the public. Ms Farmer tells us: “The meeting will start in private and the first decision that the panel  will make is whether to hold the meeting in public or not. If it is held in public then you will be able to attend.”

Clearly, there are significant and compelling reasons why this should be public: Akhtar is being questioned on whether he has done a number of things, all of which residents of Harrow should be entitled to hear about, if he’s found guilty. We expect him to argue long and hard that it should be a private hearing. That said, Standards Hearings are fairly tooth-less, although Akhtar seems to be in an unusual position here, so it could go either way.

Those interested in attending should get to the Civic Centre around 15 minutes beforehand, to make sure that the Working Party chair is aware that you want to attend. No idea which meeting room it’ll be in, but ask enough questions, and someone will tell you. If all else fails, ask at reception for Democratic Services, or Jessica Farmer, and they should be able to sort you out.

We’ll bring you updates from the meeting, if we’re allowed to attend. But we’d encourage as many residents as possible to get there: especially those in Marlborough and Wealdstone, to see exactly what your candidate looks like.

You can refresh yourself on our reporting of Akhtar here.

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    Marlborough and Wealdstone residents should be able to identify Husain easily as he will probably be wearing his speedos. Plus he will be carrying HIS standard (flag). It will be a white flag with a pair of speedos on it and will be at half mast. The flag not his speedos.

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