Oct 18 2014

Cllr Janet Mote’s Campaign for Fairer North Harrow Parking

conservative_logoHeadstone North Conservative councillor Janet Mote wants Harrow Council to change how much you pay to park in North Harrow – and it seems local residents agree with her. Last summer the Council started charging in the Cambridge Road car park in North Harrow for the first time in nearly a decade – pricing it at 80p for the first hour and classifying it as a ‘district’ car park. Cllr. Mote’s petition calls on the Council to re-band the car park as ‘local’ – reducing the charge for the first hour to 20p. Tired of the unreasonably high charge, over 1,300 people signed Cllr. Mote’s petition – which she presented at Thursday night’s Cabinet meeting.

Cllr. Mote said: “Traders and residents in North Harrow have done a lot of work trying to make the area more attractive for shoppers, but the car park charges dented their progress a bit. Shops are reporting fewer customers, with some having to close earlier in the day to cover their losses. That’s why so many shops helped get signatures on this petition, which I launched at the North Harrow Festival in July. The traders and regular customers know the area still has a lot to offer, but I think others are put off by the high cost of parking.”

20141018_janet_moteCllr. Mote explained the logic behind her petition: “A previous campaign to scrap the car park charge entirely was unsuccessful, which is why I’m trying this new approach based on comparing different areas of the borough. For example, Hatch End is classified as ‘local’ even though it has more amenities than North Harrow – which after Lloyds TSB and Safeway closed doesn’t have a bank or a supermarket. My hope is that this approach will be more persuasive, and that the Council will reconsider North Harrow’s parking band – perhaps starting a pilot at the cheaper rate – thereby making the area a more competitive place to shop and boosting local businesses.”

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