Jul 15 2013

Cllr John Nickolay Awarded for Diligent Governor Service in Harrow

A Harrow councillor has received an award for years of diligent service as a local school governor. Cllr. John Nickolay (Conservative), who represents Pinner South ward, has been a governor at Welldon Park Junior School for over 20 years. Cllr. Nickolay received the award at Harrow’s Annual Governors’ Conference, and was cited for his ‘immense’ contribution to the running of the school.

Cllr. Nickolay said: “It’s an honour and really rather flattering to receive an award for something you enjoy doing so much. I’m so grateful to have been put up for it. I’ve been very privileged to work with some wonderful people at Welldon Park – from teachers to parents and pupils. I’d like to think I’ve made a positive contribution as a governor, and I’m certainly of the view that you get even more out of doing it the greater the commitment you are able to put in.”

Cllr. Nickolay added: “I know the Council recently appealed for more people to become governors, and I fully endorse their efforts. It’s a fantastic way to support and work with your neighbourhood or nearby schools, and to get more involved with your local community.”


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