Mar 01 2013

Cllr Krishna James: “I wasn’t sleeping during Council Meeting”

emailWe had a response from Cllr Krishna James following our article last night that she’d been caught napping during a council meeting. She writes:

I had received a text from a resident who is in mental health crisis; she was contacting me in an emergency and I could not take the call.

This morning I am trying to get her some proper help, either GP or A&E as she had attempted to kill herself a few days ago. She also has Cancer!!!

I was and am very much awake as opposed to the Tories who are not doing anything to defend our services, actions are what is required. While I and fellow Labour Councillors attended the Hardest Hit march locally, not a single Tory Councillor attended. Our present leader came down to speak to the Hardest Hit. What was Susan Hall doing that morning?

I was not at all asleep but disturbed by the text. I was getting tired of Tories defending the un-defenceable while our people are suffering I am wide awake to real peoples real problems as opposed to dismantling all the healthcare service which the Harrow opposition helping do.

Cllr Susan Hall, Leader of the Opposition group also picked up on this. In her summary of the meeting, issued to the press earlier today, she said:

“Labour’s conduct at the Council meeting itself was also disgraceful. Only half the Cabinet bothered to speak on their own budget, Cllr. Phillip O’Dell was caught reading the newspaper (again), Cllr. Krishna James fell asleep, and Labour then voted to end the debate so they could go home early. If their pay more get less budget wasn’t bad enough,Labour’s arrogance in passing it shows how little they care for both Harrow’s residents and the services they value.”

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  1. Morepowertothepeople

    You were caught sleeping by more than one person….. own up to it! It is also unbelievable that you would share with all and sundry this poor womans plight! Your involvement as well in the Harrow Times debate on creating portfolio holder assistants where you accused people of maybe being racist was shocking. I am struggling to understand the complete apathy of some of our Councillors, one sleeping and one reading a newspaper. If this happened anywhere else you would be fired, but of course it is Harrow Council…….enough said!!!!

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