Apr 25 2014

Cllr Krishna Shuresh: Labour will ‘make a difference’ to Harrow

cllr_krishna_shureshI was disappointed to read Cllr Chana’s comments about both myself and the Harrow Labour Party.

Free parking is an issue that I have campaigned on for many years, particularly after the Tories scrapped the free-parking trial in September 2013. With local traders in Rayners Lane, we staged a protest to complain about the Tories decision to scrap the free-parking trial. Shop owners and local residents in Rayners Lane, as well as the Harrow Labour Group, were delighted when the Tories did a U-Turn and introduced free-parking after a successful campaign from the Labour Group that received over 1000 signatures.

However, what disappointed me most about Cllr Chana’s letter was its cynicism; it was a letter of a politician who is more interested in blaming people and playing political games then actually helping residents.

I am proud of Labour’s record when in administration. We had to save £70m over four years and did so in a fair and progressive way. We set aside money for helping families who have been hit hard by welfare changes, managed to not only keep open all children’s centres but actually opened 3 new children’s centres and ensured council tax was frozen for 3 out of the past 4 years.

Whilst the Tories are spending this election campaign playing political games (often using council resources to do so) and playing divisive community politics, the Labour Group are more interested in talking to residents about how we can ‘make a difference’ to Harrow.

Due to more vicious cuts from the Tory government we will have to find another £70m of savings over the next four years. However, the Labour Group have ambitious and positive plans for Harrow:

  • from pledging to build more affordable homes by starting a council house building program to
  • investing an extra £1m to tackle domestic violence, support carers and stand up for those in need.

The choice for residents of Harrow is clear, it’s between the Tories, with their cynical politics, who cut services for the vulnerable whilst handing tax cuts to millionaire’s, and a Labour Party that is looking to work with the community to bring about positive change in Harrow.

Cllr Krishna Suresh,

Labour Councillor for Rayners Lane

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  1. Cllr Kam Chana

    “When the original 20 mins free parking plan was scrapped back in Oct 2013 – Cllr Susan Hall made it crystal clear that the Conservatives SUPPORT free parking but that particular scheme did not work and was far too expensive. True to our word (un-like the Labour Group who did nothing about free parking for three years) we’ve brought in an improved scheme of borough-wide 20 mins free parking, which rolled out first in Rayners Lane ward. This was not a U-turn by the Conservatives – it was a delivery on a promise.

    Cllr Suresh says the Labour Group were ‘delighted’ when the Conservatives introduced the 20 mins free parking then why did he and the whole Labour group vote against it? If he wants to talk about cycnical politics, why doesn’t he explain why he’s telling residents that Labour supported and/or delivered free parking when they voted against it? Just like how Labour increased Council Tax by 2% last year, had it in their budget to increase Council Tax again by 2% this year too, and then claimed to be in favour of a freeze. It was the Conservatives with the ILG voting for the budget who managed to freeze Council tax – not Labour.

    This is the clear message Harrow residents need to know – that the Labour Group are trying to ride on the back of the great work the Conservatives Group have done over the last 7 months.”

  2. Barry Macleod-Cullinane

    Is this what Labour’s Cllr. Krishna Suresh means by “Labour ‘will make a difference to Harrow'”?

    “Revealed: Labour candidate for Harrow Council is convicted fraudster” http://www.getwestlondon.co.uk/news/local-news/revealed-labour-candidate-harrow-council-7033295

    “Harrow Labour’s Candidate in Canons – A Chequered Past?”

  3. Rosalyn

    Totally agree Kam and Barry…actually as regards “helping residents” I’m still waiting for a response to emails I sent to Cllr Suresh over a year ago! He is also a school governor but his attendance at governors meetings is or was very poor. The only positive about his post is that at least I know it would appear that he exists!

  4. KingDavid

    It seems that this article has been written by someone in Harrow shameful Labour Party for Cllr Suresh. Regardless full of inaccuracies and lies.

  5. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    For the ABSOLUTE avoidance of doubt may I just say that back in 2009 when I was not a Councillor but just a mere fledgling member of the Labour Party, whilst enjoying a quick ciggie outside Harrow West Labour Party Blenheim Road offices waiting to go out canvassing, I was often joined by someone who I perceived to be rather a quaint, squat man with a pencil moustache, trendy reactolite glasses and a rather prominent tum, who also liked a ciggie. This Sri Lankan gentleman would invariable proceed, between lugs on his cigarette, to explain to me that as so many drivers take a chance by not paying for parking when they’re only diving into the newsagents for a pack of fags or a paper or a pint of milk, that the local authority might just as well give the first 20 minutes away for free. That Sri Lankan man was Thaya Iddaikadar.

    So you see, Krishna, with the humblest respect, Thaya was bandying that idea around long before anyone else did. In fact, when Phil O’Dell was in charge of public realm and Bill Stephenson was Leader, Thaya’s idea got nowhere. It was only once the ILG took power that he was in a position to do something about it. Yet even then he received tons of ballony from the Civic Centre Officers, telling him it was unaffordable, impractical, and would cost a fortune in parking revenue. But Thaya fights for what he believes in and the rest, as the saying goes, is history. ILG brought in 20 mins free parking; Conservatives reformed it; Labour VOTED AGAINST it. So how on earth, Krishna, can you say that (a) it was your idea, and (b) that you are all for it when YOU voted AGAINST it?

  6. mike mcfadden

    There is no way labour can make things better in Harrow except leave. All you people can do is throw tax-payer money at problems you created. Deal with failed asylum seekers, Deal with beds in sheds, Deal with those that throw their filth on to our streets, Deal with the drinking on our streets. Deal with the abundance of HMO (houses of multible occupation) Start checking on those new arrivals claiming housing benefits. start checking if people are entitled to use our services for free. Stop wasting tax-payer money. Return harrow to a low council tax area like it was under the Tories. In fact Labour get out of Harrow altogether!!!

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