Aug 10 2013

Cllr Willy: No ‘Happy Ending’ for you!

willy_swim_schoolThe Harrow Observer this week (August 8, 2013) has a letter (right) to Cllr Will Stoodley, re-igniting the debate around the recent closure of the John Lyon School’s swimming facilities to the public. It all centres around Will’s earlier statement to the press that there was a ‘happy ending’ – something that the reader involved clearly disagrees with.

“Do you think that the 1,100 children who used to have swimming lessons at the John Lyon Swim School  are ‘happy?'” it asks.

We learn that the majority of kids affected are having to go outside the borough to Hillingdon or Ealing for lessons; those that haven’t are on waiting lists for other swim schools, who are now clearly bursting at the seams with the influx of new learners.

And those 25 members of staff who will now lose their jobs because of this – they’re probably not happy either.

Of course, Councillors have to act for residents in their ward – who have complained bitterly about parking problems there – and none of the Harrow on the Hill councillors have been able to act for those other than the residents who elected them. Harrow on the Hill is a bit of a mixed bag as well: one Labour, one Independent and one Conservative, so they’re all bound to have differing views.

Still, it’s all rather academic now, and no amount of furore will see this reversed. Local residents can probably continue to look forward to John Lyon School continuing to expand (surely, there must be a link here somewhere between the school kowtowing to an earlier planning condition and any subsequent planning applications, no?) Cllr Stoodley is rather a charming fellow, to be honest, but describing the saga around the John Lyon Swim School as having a ‘happy ending’ might have served only to pour oil onto troubled waters.


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  1. j p hobbs

    Hey you used Councillor and charming in the same sentence , have you had a check up lately ?

  2. j p hobbs

    I would like to say I am very disappointed but not surprised with all of the councillors that pop in to this site , not one of them has taken up the matter of the stealth camera at Harrow and Wealdstone Station this just shows us how little they care about the people they will ask to vote for them next year , the figure I gave of about £100.000 was just for one of the many stealth cameras in Harrow , I suppose we can assume these councillors that I will name just before the next election don’t give a fig about us other than for one day Polling day !!!, so please remember them , as I said I will remind you . Harrow Civic Centre has become thieves kitchen Ala dins cave all in one , housing Ali Baba and his forty thieves . We shall remember them .
    Time for a change .

  3. j p hobbs

    You just cant shame this lot can you !!!!!!!! ?

  4. j p hobbs

    Wow still nothing from any of them , I wonder if it pays for their perks ?

  5. Susan Hall

    A message to j p hobbs. – I do look at this site on a very regular basis and pick up resident views which are important to us although sadly we cannot always resolve specific issues. If you would like to discuss problems you have then please do contact me. Cllr Susan Hall – Leader of the Conservative Group. susanmaryhall@gmail.com and if I can be of assistance then I am happy to help.

  6. j p hobbs

    A message to Cllr Hall . I have asked for your help in the past to no avail please see my other thread , as I was then a long standing Tory supporter to say I was disappointed is an understatement , any comment from you about the stealth camera would be appreciated right now , almost everyone I talk to has been affected or knows someone who has been by this camera . it has nothing whatsoever to do with traffic management but purely to raise funds to cover an incompetent bunch of Scallywags HARROW LABOUR PARTY so I believe it is illegal under the road traffic act.

  7. Cllr Willy Stoodley

    This article has nothing to do with cameras but I would say that since I was attacked at Harrow bus station new year’s eve 2008, (google my name-it’s still all on the internet) I feel a lot safer when there’s cameras around. I wonder how many attacks on people that camera has put off criminals doing. I wonder how many people leaving the station late at night haven’t urinated on the pavement because that camera’s there. I wonder how less safe people leaving the station would feel if that camera wasn’t there. And anyway, if you do nothing wrong that camera won’t nick you! But if, J.P. Hobbs, you really feel so intimidated by cameras whilst driving your car you could always give up driving and use public transport instead…

  8. j hobbs

    Cllr Stoodley sorry I woke you I would like to say for a start i have a 50+year no claim bonus i have driven visiting Royalty over here on behalf of the crown agents i have passed several advanced driving tests including a hazard perception test recently , also taught many Harrow and Hillingdon police drivers ,… whats your record ? i have had only four parking tickets in my whole life three since living in Harrow and no criminal record i have been a victim of crime twice since living in Harrow one in the view of the five or so cameras in Wealdstone a few months ago no evidence seen , all watching motorists i imagine , you also missed the point ( at this stage methinks whats the test to become a Cllr ? )the camera in question is high on the corner of a building about 200/300 metres from the station that is why 1,700 of your citizens didn’t see it so i don’t believe the person desperate to urinate would either , i did ask for the stats regarding what were traffic offences and what were others they would not tell me , anyway i do hope Harrow people see where your loyalty lies and will think seriously before voting for you . i imagine i must have hit on what is a sore point for you , i wonder which one ? get a real job or one you can do , with loving sympathy for all that know you , jp hobbs

  9. j p hobbs

    The 1,700 tickets from the one stealth camera that I mentioned in my previous thread was just for one year , their are several of them in a couple of hundred metres in that spot .
    The one at the crossroads near the station has only one small sign seen only with difficulty from one direction so approaching from the other three roads none are on view , this could easily be rectified and I have asked several times since last November ,that’s why I say STEALTH CAMERA
    and still believe this to be illegal under the road traffic act and CCTV rules . come on Cllr do your job .

  10. Praxis Reform

    Mr Hobbs makes a good point about the cameras and crime. Like Cllr Stoodley, I’ve twice been attacked whilst on a bus in the Harrow area, and in each case the keystone kops that Harrow has for Police managed to pull the wrong footage from the bus cameras, and saw nothing on the cameras surrounding the areas that the thugs run off into.

    So, my feelings are that security is a pretty pathetic excuse for justifying the cameras, and that they are of very minor use as any sort of effective deterrent of anti-social behaviour… I’m sure that everyone has seen the newspaper headlines that Britain has more CCTV cameras per head of population than any other country anywhere else in the world.

    Does that give us the lowest crime rate in the world? Not at all! All it does is encourage lazy Policing (we’ll get the CCTV footage later – so lets not spend too much time investigating the crime – and we can spend more time slurping coffee and eating doughnuts).

    In fact a 2005 study commissioned by the Home Office showed that CCTV cameras were only effective for a very limited range of uses: https://www.cctvusergroup.com/downloads/file/Martin%20gill.pdf

    Thus, I consider you only need surveillance cameras if you think the population will stand up and give you a hard time. So, a scheme funded by effectively taxing Britain’s motorists for very minor infractions is ideally suited for the big brother style plans of a Labour government or the Conservative governments desire to spy on all our private lives and movements, and then sell the data off to their friends in big business for a tidy profit.

    1. j p hobbs

      Thank you another breath of fresh air from people who are not afraid to say it as it is , what a shame our Cllrs don’t , that’s how it was when I was robbed in between two of the cameras , the police said we will look at the cameras later then dropped me a letter to say , sorry we are closing the case and will take it no further nothing found .
      Last year I phoned the safe neighbour hood team , as always an answer phone I left details of a problem , a week later a card was dropped in my letter box from the S N T saying called Tuesday 1 . 25 pm , that was it I heard no more , that,s how they get the stats of less crime in Harrow and we all know that AINT SO !!!!!!!!! cheers

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