Aug 29 2014

Cllrs Hall and Macleod-Cullinane in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Spotted on Twitter today, we see that Cllrs Susan Hall and Barry Macleod-Cullinane have taken up the ALS ice bucket challenge. Dressed in her trademark suit – and, presumably, heels – we see the Conservative group head-honcho and her trusty sidekick up-end buckets of cold water – and yes, you can see the ice – over their heads.




Cllr Hall’s challenge came from local Police Sergeant Lorraine Warren and Cllr Macleod-Cullinane’s came from Cllr Stephen Greek (both these links point to Facebook videos – no login required). Looks like it’s back to the salon for a quick set and blow-dry!

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  1. Mr J English

    Well done seriously as shows your passion for Harrow but please note need to engage with residents in the flesh other than via media if you want to make progress

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    Well done to Cllr Sue Hall and Cllr Barry Macleod-Cullinane. Are any other councillors going to accept the challenge for this good cause and may we see the photographs?

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    63 Harrow councillors and two have accepted the challenge. This leaves 61 councillors left to accept the challenge for the Motor Neurone charity. I am sure Paul would be willing to publish any pictures.

  4. maranatha

    a word of warning susan what you are taking part in is occult and satanic in nature it looks harmless i know but what you’re doing is baptising yourself to something very dark and awful i know i know i can hear the scoffing already but please do some research god bless susan and readers.

  5. Concerned Harrovian


    Using your reasoning every person who has a shower would be indulging in an occult practice. I feel sure that the two councillors were not indulging in the dark arts but just trying to raise money for charity.

  6. Someonewhocares

    Ah – would that be the dark & satanic ‘Cult Of The Cold & Clean’ then ??

    1. red mirror

      now come on people be fair maranatha has a point i see susan dressed in red and black and the bucket atop her head does resemble a hat but seriously i did some research and a lot of christians are concerned over this please do youre own research and see what you think after all condemnation without invsetigation is never very wise .

      1. Someonewhocares

        Unfortunately I DID do some research on ALS… And was not particularly impressed by the amount of money they put into research to find a cure…

        1. red mirror

          well did you know that the stem cells used come from aborted babies not very nice eh? BUT I SUPOSE MORE MONEY COULD ENCOURAGE MORE ABOTIONS if thats what you think is progress please research that little fact .

          1. Someonewhocares

            So ALS are not putting money raised into research because of ‘ethics’ concerns?

          2. red mirror

            what i am saying is that the whole thing is ungodly the company that do the stem cell research are called isis from the ancient mystery religions but just a coincidence im sure also satanists use a similar ice water ceremony but just a coincidence listen people this is real we are in very dark times and the stakes are eternal just think about it is all i am saying and check this stuff out god bless.

          3. Someonewhocares

            Have to admit I did not think you entirely serious about all this but without going too deep perhaps the most ‘ungodly’ thing is again to raise money for a cause but then use most of that merely to raise awareness about ALS rather than use it to help find a ‘cure’?

  7. Lisa

    Well done both of you for taking part

  8. red mirror

    dear susan hall i would like to ask you if you denounce satan and all his workings? also do you support masonary or are you involved with any secret society ?you have been very quiet over criticsm of the ice bucket challenge i am sure that you are a beliver in jesus christ and if so i would urge you very seriously to distance yourself from this ritual i can provide you with all the revelant information about the real facts on ibc so please let us know awaiting youre reply god bless.

  9. Susan Hall

    Red Mirror, I do not belong to any secret organisations I neither have the desire to or quite frankly the time. With regard to the ice bucket challenge it was a totally non political charity awareness campaign which me and my deputy wanted to support. I very much doubt that I shall do it again because it was cold (and wet) but for that reason and that reason alone I shall refrain, not because someone has told me not to do it. Thank you for your concern but I assure you our motives were honourable

    1. red mirror

      I AM SO GLAD well done susan for taking heed of my warning as you are in the public eye i am sure that you agree that your decisions and actions are of utmost importance a panorama on all issues is a good idea god bless you and by the way do you denounce satan and all his works?

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