Nov 15 2016

Clueless Council drops the ‘Great’ from ‘Great Britain’

harrow_council_broken_2Clueless Harrow Council has decided that Great Britain is no longer great, and that the UK might include the Republic of Ireland as well as Northern Ireland, in what is likely to be described as a demonstration of ignorance of the 1707 and 1800 Acts of Union, which brought these countries together.

The witless declaration was made in an otherwise interesting article on the council’s website, which, when referring to His Excellency the Romanian Ambasador to”…the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland…” And if getting His Excellency’s full title wrong wasn’t bad enough, the council then wittered on with a list of the – funnily enough – Labour councillors who turned out for the event. In fact, 85 words of the press release’s 152 total words was a roll call of which great and good councillors had shown their faces, thus entirely missing an opportunity to focus on an excellent English/Romanian event.

Here’s a screenshot:

feckless_councilOh, and it’s a ‘Governing Body’ – not a ‘Board of Governors’ in a school.

It’s a shame that this feckless council failed to recognise the benefits such an event brings in welcoming Romanian tradition to the community, and uses it to politicise the celebration instead.

Source: here (until the half-wits fix it). Further reading on the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland can be found here.

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  1. Christopher Langley

    Harrow Council might be ahead of the game. After Brexit, Great Britain will become little Britain and Northern Ireland will join the South and together with Scotland, remain in the EU.

  2. Jeremy Zeid

    They may have erroneously left the Great out of Great Britain; I on the other hand am quite right to leave the “o” out of Council as an appropriate description of Labour incompetence.

  3. Mike McFadden

    Oh the clueless council and the Cultural Marxist “the one that hides” he/she/it could have had a field day here without “its” spell checker. I now honestly believe and it could be suggested “it” may be one of the 5,800 staff. Or is this where the Horror-Council of-Harrow hide their failed asylum seekers they took in without the consent of the tax-payers.

    You couldn’t make it up! “HARROW”

    Done anything about the “horror” homes you have encouraged in the destruction areas of Harrow-the-horror-borough. They (Harrow Council) call it a regeneration area the local tax-payers call it the destruction area. Where the Marxist do every thing they can to destroy the family unit and our Christian roots. They seem to think Harrow is a part of Toxteth or Leicester slums.

    They have got it all so wrong again. Harrow’s misguided policy’s are creating the slums. House of Horrors what are you doing with our money and our way of life?

    Leave our homes alone.!! We don’t want HMO’s hidden around every corner.

  4. Someonewhocares

    Well the real glaring error there was actually leaving the ‘Northern’ out of Ireland…

    but – at risk of another clueless, irrelevant and boring tyrade from ‘Alf’ above – in fact, and according to historians, ‘Great’ actually refers to *size* not *worldly status* or some such:

    “Great Britain (sometimes just referred to as ‘Britain’)

    Great Britain is not a country; it’s a landmass. It is known as ‘Great’ because it is the largest island in the British Isles, and houses the countries of England, Scotland and Wales within its shores.

    The name Britain derives from the Roman word Britannia, but there are two conflicting arguments about why the ‘Great’ was stuck on the front of it. The first is that it is used to distinguish Britain from its similar sounding, but much smaller French neighbour, Brittany. The second reason is due to the ego of a certain King James I, who wanted to make it abundantly clear that he wasn’t just the king of the old Roman Britain (which only included England and some of Wales), but of the entire island; thus he referred to himself as King of Great Britain.”

    1. red mirror

      very informative someone why cant the council employ erudite educated people such as you?too efficient or honest perhaps ?well said well written thanks.

    2. Mike McFadden

      “IT” Don’t let your Hate get in the way of the truth!! Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the correct title of this once marvelous U.K . I look forward to the day Trump comes knocking.

      1. Someonewhocares

        Well of course what do Historians know compared to you ‘Alf’? And there is no hatred involved whatsoever – just general disgust and boredom at all your nasty, xenophobic and repetitive (incorrect) nonsense!

        Save yourself some time by using this as a cut and paste segment; “You could not make it up… (blah blah various irrelevant/off-topic garbage blah blah), ave a nice day…”.

        Finally do us all a real favour and *you* go knocking on Trump’s door!

        1. Mike McFadden

          European Union Orders British Press NOT to Report when Terrorists are Muslims
          by Yves Mamou
          November 18, 2016 at 5:00 am

          Here is something for you nasty person. Even our MPs are standing up in our parliament saying they no longer understand whats happening in Britain today. The terrorist activity in Harrow is scary but the cover-ups are more horrific because in the end decent honest “hard working” folk are going to suffer when its the likes of you who should be dealt with. !!!

          I’ve had words with you before and its clear you no nothing of what’s going on. Your’re just there to insult and shut people. ha ha ha but it didn’t with me nor will it. for those unaware how cultural Marxist ply their vile disgusting agenda:

          1st They destroy the family.
          2nd They destroy private property
          3rd They destroy peoples religion.
          4th Then piece by piece they destroy the nations customs, culture, moral standards and way of life.
          5th Finally the Nation.

          People time to wake-up and smell the coffee. We at last have leaders who will drain the swamp and clean the pond life out of our politics both side of the Atlantic. . Join Nigel Farage on Wednesday the 23rd November at Parliament Square. Speakers start at 12oc. Stand up for FREE-SPEECH. Common-Sense “NOT” Common-Purpose you know it makes sense.

          Ave a nice day. “yeah”

          Mike McFadden Proud to be English.

          1. Someonewhocares

            Well I actually ‘no’ plenty ‘Alf’; For example your involvement in the ‘CCTV business’ and hence your interest in promoting *fear* whenever you can!

            I am all for ‘FREE SPEECH’ but what if it is basically fear-mongering lies and/or garbage (as seems to be your preference)? YOUR primary problem with FREE SPEECH however seems to be that people should be FREE to speak – but only if it is the same as your own bigoted bile…

            It is YOU who hates the Truth, can’t you see that ? (WE can): Just “Get a Grip” Man!

            Interesting that you should mention ‘swamp’ and ‘Farage’ in the same context too, Thank you, it made me laugh out loud!

  5. Harrow Photographer

    Proof reading error or actual error? Whatever the case they need to be corrected.

    1. Mike McFadden

      Ha ha ha Harrow can’t get anything right. It seems English is a 2nd language at the Harrow House of Horrors. You couldn’t make it up.

  6. Mike McFadden

    As I said One who hides lies and has nothing to say. All you can ever do is repeat back what as already been asked of you once you’ve totally distorted facts by looking at them through the prism of a wine or beer glass You’re either a complete fool or you’re just not use to meeting people that work for a living and pay their way, live within their means!!! Is it that, that really keeps bugging you?

    When have you ever added something constructive to an issue or subject? Answer, never because you’re a Cultural Marxist thug that just loves to hate decent white folk that want better for their children. You only mix with those looking for the “Victim status and tax-payer support”

    Have you ever heard of white flight? Its obvious to all you’re heavily involved because none of crusading is for them!!

    Further, have you ever had a real job for longer then six months. On a more personal note how long have you lived off benefits? Choosing scrounging to working? Is that the real reason you keep remarking on the fact I work.
    Perhaps I should remind you I live amongst those that can hold their head up high because they work and pay for whatever they have and generally they were never brought up on the politics of envy that you, poor souls are always spouting.

    Let me leave you with one simple fact of life: If your going to give everything to the poor that they want. You’ll gonna have a lot of poor people. However that’s what communist utopia and lies are really all about. A pipe dream for other!! Paid for by others never themselves. All I can really say is grow-up and come into the real world. Try and have a Merry Christmas although I know you and your mates hate it.

    Ps: Nice of you to mention Nigel Farage because it looks he has now come-up Trumps. Can only be good for Britain and those wishing to work.!!!!!!

  7. Someonewhocares

    Nice to see YOU are *still* completely wrong about me ‘Alf’, and most other things for that matter – and clearly that’s what’s bugging YOU; But please do try to actually *read* my posts though as you will find they are frequently both informative and interesting – not to mention usually On Topic (unless I am amusing myself/others addressing all your random rubbish that is)!

    in fact I just showed some of my friends your erroneous ‘summary’ of me ‘Alf’ and they were “not very complimentary” about you: ( I mean, surely you are *not* actually the ‘living embodiment’ of ‘Scrooge’?), We must thank you however for confirming all our suspicions though that Farage is ‘up’ Trump!

    [One last point though, did you not realise, that, one way or another, you have now effectively radicalised yourself with your own misguided propaganda?]

    1. Mike McFadden

      You’re obviously mental sick. Stay off the booze and get out more. If they allow you!!!

      1. Someonewhocares

        No, completely wrong (yet) again ‘Alf/Scrooge’,No, NOT mental/sick/drunk – but (yet) again you just seem to be projecting your OWN ailments/problems onto others; I would normally say “seek help” but at 68 it is probably way too late for you to actually ‘see the light’ now anyway!

  8. Someonewhocares

    Good Morning Everyone: I think I may know what many (if not most) of you reading this are probably thinking; ‘End this thread – now’!? I agree, sadly it has just degenerated into a ‘two-way ding-dong’ – again.

    Unfortunately if and when we encounter such extreme (and ‘incorrect’) thinking, what indeed *should* and *can* we do? Shall we simply ignore it or do we (try to) address it? It’s a ‘moot point’. Clearly Alf/Scrooge has long-standing ‘issues’, and those issues may – or may not – be due to Harrow Council’s numerous foul-ups. I suspect however that these are just ‘triggers’ for *deeper* resentments/disappointments though, as many of you have probably concluded, but then this blog just becomes a channel for that characteristic misguided hatred-filled ‘ranting’ as he “purges society’s evils” (or at least thinks he does).

    From my own perspective however it is increasingly tiresome, for example to see a thread about missing words in a Council Press release mean that we then have to suffer the same old Marxist/white flight/HMO/other various unrelated stuff/etc ad nauseum…

    ‘Free Speech’ is very important of course – but there *are* limits…

    What do others think?

    (Sorry Paul. maybe not the time/place – but possibly also overdue?)

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