Nov 28 2014

Coming Soon to Harrow… £65 Charge to have your Brown Bin Emptied

harrow_council_logoIt would seem that Harrow council are planning to introduce a £65 yearly charge to collect garden waste – otherwise known as ‘brown bins’ – from residents, if the latest leaks from the Labour Group has any truth in it.

We’ve heard the rumours before about councils playing around with the waste collection services, but it seems this particular rumour might have more truth behind it. Originally touted as moving to bi-weekly (or every three weeks for recyclables), it seems the preferred option to slash and burn is currently making residents pay to have their garden waste – which includes, of course, the food leftovers from the kitchen – collected.

The logistics, of course, haven’t materialised yet – a number of bins include an electronic tracking chip – known as a RFID device, similar to that in your Oyster card. This would allow the refuse collection vehicle to identify your bin as having been collected, and either issue a subsequent bill, or refuse to lift the bin into the back of the lorry. Potentially, the technology exists to charge residents based on frequency of collection, or even weight of refuse.

The council is expected to formally announce the plan – perhaps via the oft-used, rarely-heard, “consultation” route – within the next week or two.

Meanwhile, in other refuse-related matters, we hear that the Civic Amenity site changes – where vans were barred from entering the site, and which Dave’s Labour group were vehemently against when the Conservatives, under the lead of Cllr Susan “I’ve got balls” Hall, introduced them – are to stay. Again, expect a press release put together by the council’s £3,000,000 PR team, announcing this as well at the same time.

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  1. Graham

    Erm! Sorry Dave I already pay for this service through my ridiculously expensive council tax and if this is introduced I’ll be depositing my food waste on the doorstep of the civic centre you’ll probably not notice though as you’re hardly there!

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    I wondered when they would try to charge us for this collection Funny, I thought we were doing them a favour as they turn our garden and food waste into compost. Double Whammy they charge for brown bin collection and then sell/use the contents for compost.

    They encourage us to recycle and then tell us we have to store the recycled material on our drives until they deign to collect it. I predict recycling will go down especially in properties that have little room to store over full bins.

  3. sonoo malkani

    The planning of services from the present Council– if this is true– is going from bad to worse!What on earth are you paying the PR people for—to make you thoroughly unpopular and have your plans decimated by angry residents,who cannot believe this is what they are getting for electing you!

    Why are we bothering to recycle our kitchen waste ,garden waste and other bits if you plan to penalise us.Feels like a huge BETRAYAL after the promise of good services and LISTENING to the public of Harrow.

  4. Yogesh

    We are told that the council provides 700 services. Is waste collection one of the service? I suppose the current Labour Administration needs to collect one million GBP to pay for the extra expenses. Additional charging strategy was in their red book!! Was it not?

    Be aware this is a LISTENING council – not for the residents but for their purse. Consultation is to spend the money for good will purposes only. Who are they going to consult? Staff who do leave in this borough!!!!

    Is Dave willing to provide details of the 700 services and how much it costs the council to provide these services. If he knows can he provide details of services which are used on regular basis. Also can Dave please let us know which other services are going to be charged? Since they are the LISTENING council they will provide the information!! Won’t they??

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