May 15 2013

Comment on Statement by Harrow Labour Group

labour_roseHarrow’s Independent Labour Group have asked us to publish this statement, in response to a statement made by the original Labour Group. Whilst it’s turning into a “he said, she said” type of debate, and, perhaps, shouldn’t be aired in public, it’s appropriate to continue to publish these.

Whilst David Perry might have a ‘democratic’ right to challenge a leader who had only been in post 5 months & 7 days, it is important to ask the question why he challenged a Leader who had outlined a dynamic vision which residents had endorsed at a well attended conference and who had led the Group to a resounding victory in a by-election which Labour was not expected to win.

Democracy is a good thing and Thaya Idaikkadar was elected Leader of the Council on 8th November 2012 – his term of office ends in May 2014 and he is well within his rights to hold on to his democratic mandate.

It would be useful to address the problems which led 9 Labour members to break away from Harrow Labour Group. The lack of fairness, equality & justice has been a real issue in the Labour Group.

The Independent Labour Group can confirm that despite convention that the Deputy Mayor receives the nomination for Mayor from their Group without challenge, Harrow’s only African Labour Councillor was challenged for the position by a member of the Labour Group.

The needless challenge of the Deputy Mayor is just another example in a catalogue of actions which go against convention and Labour values . This should shed some light on why nine councillors chose to form the Independent Labour Group. The Independent Labour Groupis made up of members of the Labour Party, and will continue to fulfil their duties and responsibilities to residents and voters.

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