Mar 15 2012

Common Q&A’s about Harrow’s 2012-13 Council Tax

Can I view information about my Council Tax online?

Yes, you can view information about your Council Tax through the MyHarrow Account .  MyHarrow Account will give you a full statement of your Council Tax account, show you all payments you have made and what is outstanding.  You can also view any discounts, exemptions or benefit awarded to your account and print Adobe PDF formatted versions of your bill.  All information is held securely.

Why does my bill show a balance outstanding?

The bills were produced as at 17th February. If you have made a payment since that date then this will not be included. Your new instalments do not include any debit balance bought forward.  To check your balance please log on to your MyHarrow Account.  If you have not yet registered for a MyHarrow Account, it is quick and easy. Please use the PIN number on the letter sent with your bill.

I want to spread my payments to March not January.

You can do this if you pay by Direct Debit only. To set up a Direct Debit download a form and send it back to us. If you already pay by direct debit please call us with your Council Tax Account number and we can do this for you.

I can’t pay on the 1st of the month.

If you agree to pay by Direct Debit there are alternative dates available, 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, or 25th for Council Tax. To change when you pay please download a Direct Debit form and send it back to us. Alternatively if you have payment slips you will find a Direct Debit form on the last page, which can be filled in and returned to the Council Tax Office.  There is no alternative date for other methods of payment for Council Tax – payments are all due on the 1st of the month.

How much has my bill gone up by?

You can see 2012-13 bands by clicking here.

How much am I paying the Greater London Authority this year?

This is shown on your bill. More information about the GLA is available either in the booklet sent with your bill.

I want to make a payment with my credit/debit card.

You can pay your bill here.

Where is my bill?

The bills will have been sent out via Royal Mail on 13th March.

I should get Council Tax Benefit as I am on a low income.

Please check the benefits page see what you could be entitled to and details of how to claim.  See also the benefits calculator for assistance.

Why have you sent me payment slips as the bill shows I have nothing to pay?

Your circumstances may change during the year and we only send payment slips out with your annual bill.  Please keep your payment slips safe in case you need them.

I’ve got an appeal outstanding on my band; do I have to pay this bill?

Yes. If your appeal is successful and you have overpaid, this can be refunded to you but in the meantime the bill must be paid on the existing charge based on the values shown on the Valuation Office records. If you want to find out how your appeal is progressing please contact the Valuation Office direct.

I am waiting to hear about a discount, exemption or Council Tax Benefit; do I still have to pay this bill?

Yes. If your application is successful and you have overpaid, this can be refunded to you but in the meantime the bill must be paid.

I’ve told you my circumstances have changed, when will I get my new bill with the changes on it?

We cannot send any new bills for 2012 until after the 1st April 2012.

I don’t want to pay for the Greater London Authority

This is part of the amount you have to pay. The council does not have any discretion to reduce this amount. If you want further information, please visit the GLA website.

I want to set up payments through my bank or online

To do this you must quote your Council Tax account number (7 digits) in the payment reference field, and pay this account:

  • Sort Code: 60 10 10
  • Account Number: 61742473
  • Account Name: London Borough of Harrow

You must ensure that the relevant account number is quoted with no additional information or gaps otherwise your payment may default to the suspense account.

Payments take 4 to 5 days to be processed, so please allow plenty of time for your payment to reach your account for the first of the month.

The payment date must be to reach us by the 1st of the month. Do not set the payment up for any other date or you are likely to receive recovery notices. If you cannot do this please set up a Direct Debit.

You can visit Harrow Council’s 2012-13 Council Tax pages here, or Ask Harriet – Harrow’s online virtual assistant.

Source: Harrow Council

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