Nov 12 2011

Community gets hands on for planting project

Canons Park is set for an explosion of colour in the spring after nature volunteers and local residents got their hands dirty on Thursday (10th November).

They took part in a community project designed and planned by the Friends of Canons Park and funded by Harrow Council, as part of its Green Grid scheme.

Members from the Friends group joined volunteer workers from conservation charity BTCV and spent the day planting over 1,700 daffodil, bluebell and wild garlic bulbs along a newly developed woodland walk in the park. They also planted a large area of ferns and created log piles to attract stag beetles

The scheme aims to improve the borough’s open spaces for people and wildlife and improve the connections between them. A mix of tree, shrub and flower planting, footpath upgrades and new signs will encourage healthy living by making it easier to get around Harrow on foot or by bike.

The Council has commissioned BTCV to coordinate a further nine planting days in parks and open spaces before Christmas, with nine more in the New Year. Over 7,000 trees and shrubs and almost 12,000 bulbs will be planted.

Cllr Keith Ferry, portfolio holder for planning on Harrow Council, said:

“The Green Grid project is about working with the community to improve our parks and green spaces, to attract more people and wildlife to them.

“It was fantastic to see so many people getting hands on in Canons Park today in what was the first of many community events.”

“The more people use our parks or are inspired to walk or cycle around Harrow, the greater benefits they will enjoy to their health and wellbeing.

Sharon Graham, from the Friends of Canons Park, said:

“The Green Grid is a brilliant project. Anything that gets people out in the fresh air, using their local parks and learning about the environment – which they’ll be able to do using the interpretation boards that will be installed at the entrances to the new Woodland Walk by next spring – has to be commended.

“It’s wonderful to think that Canons Park will be part of this network of green spaces around the borough. The project is a real partnership too, between the Council, the Friends of Canons Park and BTCV.”

Paul Colcutt, Biodiversity Action Team North Project officer at BTCV, said:

“It’s great to see the council investing in its wildlife infrastructure and also so many local residents getting involved in the Green Grid project.

“It’s been a rewarding but tiring day, and it was good to see so many volunteers coming out as well as meeting the Canons Park Friends group.”

If anyone would like to take part in the next work day, where shrubs and saplings will be planted in the Woodland Walk, they should contact the Friends of Canons Park: contact@friendsofcanonspark.org.uk

Source: Harrow Council

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