Feb 08 2011

Community Payback in Harrow

Community Payback in London is a partnership between London Probation Trust, the Metropolitan Police Service and local authorities, and forms part of the Safer Neighbourhoods Programme. Community Payback enables the Unpaid Work done by offenders in London to receive public recognition, and allows the public to contribute ideas as to which work projects are undertaken. It is critical that Community Payback hours are used effectively both as a punishment, and to help rehabilitate offenders.

Offenders perform 5 million hours of compulsory unpaid work each year and now you can ‘have your say’ in what work takes place in your local area and how this will benefit your community. From bringing derelict areas and buildings back into public use, clearing churchyards, repairing park benches and removing graffiti, offenders are working to make your community a better place to live.

Offenders on Community Orders do work that otherwise may not be carried out. So how can you get involved? To suggest work for offenders to carry out in your local area please click here to go to the Met’s website or talk to South Harrow’s local Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

Not in South Harrow?  You can enter your own postcode here to find you own local Safer Neighbourhoods Team contact details.

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